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Exmark Metro 26 vs. Honda HRX 217HXA


LawnSite Member
Hey everybody, I have 2 Honda HRX 217HXA mowers which I really like and was wondering what the difference between them and an Exmark Metro 26 besides a 5" wider deck? The one thing I like about my Hondas is that there is a clip director on them so I don't have to fully bag or mulch, I can split it up using 10 different settings. Anyway, would the Exmark cut any better because it's a commercial lawnmower, I see that it has a 6 hp Kawasaki and my Hondas have 6.5 hp. Thanks for your help!


LawnSite Member
D/FW Area, TX
The general consensus seems to be that the consumer Hondas aren't really built to standup to the constant day-in and day-out use they see when being used commercially. I imaging that they will both cut grass well, but that the Exmark will probably last longer. That being said, some people do use consumer Hondas with mixed results.


LawnSite Member
I have never cut with a Honda but I do have the Metro 26". It should last a lot longer.. It's a commercial machine. A couple drawbacks to it is, 1. You can only mulch with a mulch kit, 2. it's 100 lbs. heavy so it's not as easy as your Honda to move around. On the other hand, 1. you get 5" more cut each pass 2. It's commercial built 3. They have been out for a few years now and wrinkled out a lot of the earlier issues they had

Other than tightening a nut and regular maintenance I haven't had any issues with it.


LawnSite Senior Member
Thats kind of like saying I have a fifth wheel trailer to tow should I get a Ranger or an F-450. I myself have the same Honda mower but the quality is worlds better on the Exmark.