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Exmark Metro 32" 12.5 Kawi weird noise


LawnSite Senior Member
Central N.J.
I noticed that my Metro 32" is making a grinding type noise when running. This noise is coming off of 1 of the 2 pulleys that are on the underside of the motor, but spin when the motor is on. I dont notice any difference in noise if the blades are engaged or not nor do I notice a difference in noise if the mower is engaged in gear moving forward, being held in neutral or "stop" or the transmission disengaged in park.

Looking underneath the mower, I see there is one large pulley that spins when the mower is running and I suppose does almost all of the work.. This grinding noise sounds like it is coming from the pulley or the hub assembly of the pulley, not inside the engine.

Any idea at first read if there are bearing inside that pulley that might be frying that will need replaced, or would it be something (I hope not) more serious?

The mower will have it's second birthday in April. Thanks :)


Manufacturer / Sponsor

My first guess is the transmission belt is slipping.

The idler that tensions the transmission belt is in a slotted hole. Somply loosen the bolt and slide the pulley over. Don't overload the belt though. You only need about 4 or 5 lbs. of belt tension on this belt.

Often if you put the mower in gear and let out the drive levers you can pull back on the handles creating addional load that will cause the noise to get louder or change tone. It's a pretty good intication the belt is slipping.

If it's gotten bad enough to make noise you should probably replace the belt as well.

You may want to look at the bearings in the idler pulley as well. If you don't find anything I'd recommend taking it to the dealer.