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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kona, Apr 20, 2002.

  1. kona

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    I am considering getting a 32" to start out with. I do have a few yards w/ gates. Will this pull a velke w a 12.5 kawasaki. I hear single cylinder engines like the 12.5 are hard to start sometimes. Is this true? What is the average price of this mower ,i havn't priced them yet?How hard is the height adjustment?THANKS ***ALSO- Is there any way to get this mower to stripe the lawns?
  2. ScotLawn

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    Kona, the metro is a great machine. any recoil start engine will be hard to start in cold weather but a belt drive like the metro is easier due to no hydro pumps running all the time. As far as heigth adjustments it's easy to do but don't devate from the factory too much you can affect the cut unless it's done right.

    I'm in the south so we don't stripe much but the metro shouldn't be hard to stripe with using chains or something like that.

    Exmark has a special for the metro 36" with 15hp kohler of $1999. add 100 for a mulch kit and your set. I have the 48" and it's great. Think about the 36". the 12.5 will pull a sulky.


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