Exmark Metro 36 - a good deal?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by herberg, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. herberg

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    Hi All - am looking to upgrade to some larger commercial equipment.

    I've only got about 5 accounts, all residential, all weekly (my rental properties). Might pick up a couple more if i have the time.

    The 21" toro's and the Craftsmen rider (42"/26kaw) just aren't cutting it anymore. The 21's aren't fast enough, and the rider isn't practical for the majority of the accounts.

    Was at my local exmark dealer yesterday - found out one of the more prominent lawn care companies in town was going to be trading off a couple of Exmark Metro 36 units with the kohler engine. They haven't used these machines for a couple years for anything other than backups - just too small for the size acounts they use.

    They are 5 years old, and have been maintained by the local dealer.

    Asking $600 for each of them. I know that this is a pretty low price. What do i need to look at when I give one of these the once over? Spindles, tires, hydro, etc....

    They have the ECS controls, etc.

    I know the kawasaki motor is a better unit.

    For what i'm planning on doing - is this a unit that would hold up? I'm asking as most all of you seem to be pretty darn knowledgable on this stuff.

    Thanks - that advice and things to look out for are apreciated.
  2. Uranus

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    Metros are gear driven. So there is no hydro's to check out. It's a pretty basic machine. I'd fire up the engine. If she sounds good buy it. Hell, for $600 bucks each I'd buy both. Then you would have a back up too. Make sure all the gears work, check conditions of belts, and wiggle the spindles to see if they are loose. Other than that for the price they are asking you cant be to fussy. Remember that reverse is not a true reverse. It's an assist reverse. You still have to pull it back a little. Maybe even see if the front wheel bearings check out ok. Pull cord too.
  3. herberg

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    this is why i'm on this site - was going to check a hydro wen there isn't even a hydro. might pick up both of them - possible offer $1000 for the pair.

  4. Turf Commando

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    Ur-anus is right had to do it ...<-:laugh:
    Buy them both, can't beat $600 a piece, if you don't use the other one, sell it for profit...
  5. herberg

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    bump - just once..

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