Exmark Metro 36" belt drive TriVantage Floating Deck

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by cgaengineer, Aug 23, 2010.

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    I am looking at a used Exmark Metro 36" belt drive with TriVantage Floating Deck (FC420V engine) and want to see if anyone can tell me what could be wrong with the reverse on this mower. The transmission is a Tecumseh Peerless (same used on most belt drive mowers). When the selector is placed in the reverse position the transmission turns but the mower will not backup, neutral and all forward gears work fine. This mower appears to have very little use, but will need some TLC to get it back to a reliable machine. It appears to be 6-8 years old but I am not sure since tag is missing from carrier frame.
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    Get used to it. I always tell customers that the Exmark gear drives are more of a reverse assist mower. You can put on new belts and springs, it will help for a little while but it will slip again reel soon.
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    I was reading in a manual where it said it was reverse assist, thanks for firming this up for me. Any idea what I mower like this is worth?
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    If it has the pistol grips (I suppose it works in a similar way with the ECS), and the belts are all adjusted properly, the reverse gear works much better with a little down pressure on the pistol grip levers ( pushing them away from the bars). That pushes the wheel idler pulleys into the belt and helps apply more force to the transmission to help it pull stronger in reverse. The key is proper belt adjustment and the down pressure on the levers. When adjusted right, you ought to be able to back it up a slight incline by hand pressure against the engagement levers alone.

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