Exmark Metro 36 OCDC or Bagger?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by TML, Jun 15, 2013.

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    I just got the above mower to replace a JD lawn tractor. It really throws the clippings and I can see It would be much easier to have a Ocdc or bagger. I peppered a white fence and white shed when I was 3-4 rows out, thought I was safe! I'm wondering if anyone can tell me when you use the Ocdc does it leave behind large clumps of clippings or entire rows that then need to be cleaned up? I cut northern New England grass. The baggers on these mowers are not that big and my guess is not that usefull for fall clean-ups.
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    On my TTHP with the OCDC closed it will leave a windrow of clippings. What I do is use the OCDC as a deflector to knock down the clippings a bit so they are not flying out as far and only close it when going around beds, driveways, walkways, people or basically anything that I don't want clippings on or in.

    I've never used a bagger on mine so can't help with that part.
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    I put a 4.3 catch rite bagger on mine for properties that need bagged and it does great for bagging and early leaf clean ups but once they really start falling we go with the blowers and tarps. I just ordered their 5.8 cu ft one for my 52" vride and hope it really speeds up our early leaf removal as well as faster bagging on bigger properties.
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