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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by inzane, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. inzane

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    i bought this older metro 36, early 2000 model. releasing the Operator pressence control only shuts off mower when blades are engaged. when the blades are disengaged and i'm driving, the OPC is disabled

    from what i've read on here i understand some guys disable them, i don't see the need for that. so was wondering if anybody who has disabled them, or re-hooked them back up can give me some insight on where to look, i see a green and yellow wire connect up under the controls, and it goes down to a place next to transmission where its connected.. anyways, mama said it never hurts to ask.. lol. i may end up taking it to a dealer, but would like to see if its something simple.

    also, is it true that you can upgrade to the ECS controls? not sure if it'd be worth it for an old mower (in great shape though)
  2. inzane

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    I posted something below from the manual i got online.. so i guess it only shuts off if you let go when the blades are engaged.. i thought it shut off the mower regardless of the blades being engaged.. my mistake. oh well. guess i better be careful on those weekend beer runs :drinkup:

    Operator must have the transmission in neutral and blades disengaged to start engine.
    Release of Operator PresenceControl (OPC) levers will cause engine to stop if
    transmission is not in neutral and/or blade drive is engaged.
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  3. 44DCNF

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    I have a 2001, so not sure if this applies or not. There should be a switch below the deck at the back end of the linkage that operates the blade engagement. It may need adjusting by way of the threaded rod as it enters the clevis yoke. picture coming shortly. I think you ought to first make sure the adjustments at the forward end are correct, but I could be wrong. One may affect the other.

    rotate 90 clockwise for proper orientation.
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  4. Richard Martin

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    The OPC on your mower is simple. It sounds like everything is working except for the transmission neutral safety switch. It only sounds like someone has disconnected it. There should be 2 wires together going to the top of the transmission. Look around and see if it is hanging there anywhere. It will have a black plastic connector on the end. It may have been zip tied to other wires to keep it from hanging down.

    You can download the wiring schematics for your mower from Exmark's website. Just download the appropriate parts manual for your mower. It will have the wiring schematic in it.
  5. inzane

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    yeah, i was looking at the wiring schematics. the 2 wires are connected to top of transmission. however, theres a red one going back to the engine that was sorta hanging there. it might have been touching, but i barley put my hand on it and it was off.. wondering if this could be it? i may have to check the ones going from the transmission again. didn't have much time to mess with it today, gonna mess with it more tomorrow.

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