exmark metro 36 replacement engine


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I'm just looking ahead, just incase this engine goes out, because i really like this 2000 metro. I don't know if i want to buy a new kohler, because of the price. I noticed that the shaft sizes differ slighly on the 13 hp engines i looked at online. I think briggs was 1" X 3 5/32" , and kohler (what's on my mower now) is 1" X 3 11/64". I think the kawasaki was 1" X something in millimeters. Will all these 1" engines work, or do i have to be specific with that width? I was lucky enough to successfully replace an engine on my quick 36 a while back, and this exmark looks like it might be easier. All info appreciated. I want to do what i did with my quick 36; that is, bypass all electrical, and get a recoil start. Just pop an engine on, if it's possible. I also noticed there aren't many recoil engines avaialble. Thnx in advance.