Exmark Metro 36 -VS- Toro Proline 36

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Liberty mower, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Liberty mower

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    I'm looking to buy a new "back yard" machine. This mower is not going to get run all the time, just when I need to squeeze thru a gate. I am currently looking at 2 options both are new units, same price, same Kaw engine. The biggest differences are the controls, and decks. I'm really not looking for Hydro since this is a limited use machine, and i can't see laying out an extra couple of grand for hydro on a limited use machine. I have dealers for each within 5 minutes of my location, both supply reasonable support.

    1 Exmark Metro 36 ECS Control, Ultracut Series 2 Fixed Deck
    2 Toro Proline 36 T-Bar Control, Turbo Force Fixed Deck

    I'm looking for opinions on each type of control system, and deck. Just a general ideal what people have had better luck with and why.
  2. SSmith

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    Hello, Liberty. I have several accounts in Liberty township believe it or not.

    The ECS controls are more precise, but will leave you with a lobster claw like hand if used for long periods of time. This may not be any issue for you if you're only using it occasionally, though.
  3. elp501

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    The Toro T Bar Proline is the more you want, deck has better cut, mower is lighter and more maneuverable, best walk behind on the market. The ECS controls are much better for hydro with a velke, NOT good for walk behind belt drive.
  4. kyia

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    Like he ^^^ said i love my ecs controls but with out a sulky i dont think i would. But i dont think the toro has a better cut. Turf tracer wins that imo.
  5. frotis

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    I like the ECS much better than T-Bar on belt drive.

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