Exmark Metro HP, or Better Quick-36

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jamestownman, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. Jamestownman

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    I am new to this site & am looking forward to the responses from what seems like a knowledgeable group. I am getting back into lawn care this spring, starting out w/ 10-15 lawns, & was considering the Quick 36. Until today, my budget for a mower was $2k, so the Quick 36 seemed to be a great fit. Today I was advised of a loan available to put me in the $3800 budget range. That would enable me to purchase my other choice, the Exmark Metro HP.

    Both have pros & cons, but I'm sure most of you will suggest the Exmark because of their overall reputation, & I lean that way too because I previously owned an Exmark Z 52", & was completely satisfied,,, & there's a dealer w/in 1/2 mile of my home (convenient for service/repair). BUT... right now, money is an issue, so the less expensive Quick 36 option would be great if it was the best overall choice. I like that the Quick 36 is hydro---even though it's single hydro. Price is great! The Q36 has a great reputation, although from a relatively new company. My concerns are that there's not a dealer close to me, so that would cause more down time if I was unable to repair & needed assistance. Also, the Q36 is a fixed deck & I'm concerned about scalping--(I've always used floating decks on my past WB's). The Exmark is great, but it's a belt drive,, & it's $1400 more,,,,,,

    Which would you choose in my situation. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!

    James from Jamestown, NC
  2. dvmcmrhp52

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    A 36" Exmark metro and a quick 36 are pretty comparably priced, one being single hydro the other belt drive. The quick 36 will go places the exmark will not due to size. The belt drive exmark will be less maintaenance in the long run.

    The choice is yours.
    We have a 36" metro that seldom gets used but none the less is a quality machine, I would however buy a Quick 36 if in the market just to compare....................
  3. lawnman_scott

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    Do you have your mind set on one of the two? With $3800 to spend you have alot more options. If its between the two, i would go with exmark only because they are well known and the other is so new. I dont care for the single hydro units either, they seem useless to me.
  4. Jamestownman

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    Info: The Exmark Metro "HP" is belt driven floating deck @ $3699,,, the Quick 36 is single-hydro fixed deck @ $2295
  5. traman

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    my only concern would be dealer support, if the better quick 36 broke down ,how long to fix and get running again. they are a sponsor here so shoot out a pm to them and see what they say . theres no point on saving 1400 if your down for a week
  6. TClawn

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    why don't you call gary (the owner of better) and ask if you can come to his factory to demonstrate it? he's located in clemons NC, so he's pretty close to you, and has been happy to spend time with people in the past, showing them how the mower works. any mechanic worth his pay would not have a hard time fixing the quick 36. I own one, and I would feel comfortable doing all the repairs on this by myself.

    but at least send gary an E-mail and talk it over with him. you get a quality of service with BOP that you don't get with the bigger manufacterers.

    overall, I couldn't be more satified with the one that I own. I have never owned a metro, so I can't really compare.
  7. Travis Followell

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    Considering your situation i'd go with the quick 36. you'd save your self a lot of money and have a high quality commercial mower that will last you for years. If you broke down i'm sure Gary at Better Outdoor products would get you back up and running fairly quickly.
  8. Fareway Lawncare

    Fareway Lawncare LawnSite Silver Member
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    The eXmark has a Real Mulch Kit, the Q 36" has a Block of Plate...Wait until you Hit Spring Growth w/a Block off Plate.

    Spend another 2k and Get a 36" Tracer hp...it will Smoke Both Those Units.
  9. Go for the Green

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    If these are you 2 choices go with the ExMark..

    No doubt about it!
  10. lawnrangeralaska

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    um. buy a walker walk behind

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