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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nobagger, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. nobagger

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    I have a 2005 Exmark HP 36" Belt driven and recently it wont disenguage at times left or right (so I would just keep spinning in the direction its stuck in), and either right or left braking or steering lever rides up as if I were braking in that direction. :waving: Well today it was consistant and I saw the belt jumping off of the lower pully riding against the wheel and that is when it gets stuck going left or right. Any ideas?
  2. Jay Ray

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    Don't know if this is the same problem Nobagger, but the ECS controls on my HP would sometimes throw the machine into a spin at the most unexpected times. The traction belts never did come off, however.

    The 1/4 inch hex head bolts that hold the control handles to the handlebar assembly would not stay in adjustment, always worked loose, and the control handle on one side or the other would bounce up and lock into the neutral lock position. Usually on a nice long run when you are relaxing your hands.

    Got two 1/4 inch diameter by 1.5 inch long studs at a local independent hardware store. About a buck fifty each. There is 1/2 inch length of coarse threads (1/4-20 NC) on one end, and 3/4 inch length of fine threads (1/4-28 NF) on the other end. 1/4 inch in the middle is unthreaded. Coarse threads on both ends would have been okay but they didn't have any.

    Lock-tited the coarse thread ends (1/2 inch length) hard into the handlebar. Used fine thread self-locking nuts (nylock) and the original washers to hold and adjust the control handles on the machine. No more control handle bounce, no more spins.

    Really hope this helps you. I checked the flat idler pulleys on my traction belts and they have a little wobble, so will be watching them close after reading your post. My drive pulleys don't have any play, but you might check to see if the bearings on the outer ends of the drive shafts are worn out on yours.
  3. Maven Lawn Care

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    This exact thing happened to me on my 48" Metro last year when I bought it. The dealer must have hastily thrown it together because they forgot to bolt in a set screw in a pulley that keeps the belt from rolling off the pulley. When I took it back to them, they fixed the problem on the spot and haven't had any trouble since. Good luck
  4. mcwlandscaping

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    Hey, maven lawn care, sorry to change subject but how do you like you 48 metro. What engine you got?
  5. Mower For Less

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    I had almost the exact same problem on my 2003 Metro HP, but the dealer never looked at it. I told them of the problem and they told me to adjust the tensioners to maximum tension (the screw on the side that holds the spring). So I did that myself. Seemed to help. I noticed that it happened mostly when I was rolling it in reverse, the belt would tend to have slack and roll up. It also made the trans unruly to impossible to shift. Problem seemed to magically go away after the first year.

  6. Maven Lawn Care

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    The Metro has treated me right the past two seasons. The 15 hp Kawasaki starts first pull with a little choke.I get bogged down in real thick wet or high stuff, but that's probably to be expected with only 15 horse power. And I can't forget the ECS controls... They make a world of difference when compared to the carpal tunnel inducing pistol grips.
  7. mcwlandscaping

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    Thanks Maven!, i can't wait to pick mine up!

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