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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Toroguy, Jun 4, 2001.

  1. Toroguy

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    I had a positive-negative experience with my 2000 Metro HP today.

    First off the article in TURF magazine on tips should be read and adhered to. A tip recommending bringing extra belts could have saved me an hour and a half.

    My blade clutch drive belt snapped today, the result of running over a dog chain? Didnt snap until four yards later.

    The machine is around thirteen months old and has not had anything except plugs, oil and oil filters replaced.

    The tip:

    This belt can be replaced without any tools. After removing old belt simply set new belt under the frame, and thread onto the rear pulley first by SLIGHTLY engaging the blade engagement lever. This will allow enough clearance for the belt to slip around a protrusion(bolt) of the pulley above it. By laying on my back, I then found it simple to round the belt around the forward pulley. Very quick and easy repair.

    My replacement belt cost $24 with a small proceed going to Uncle Jesse Ventura.

    I was fortunate to be close to a dealer who had the part in stock. I think I may replace all the belts annually? Anyone know if this may be overkill?

    Thanks everyone, and I hope this will assist you in your quest for fortune and fame.
  2. Esby

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    Thanks, that is deffinately a useful tip for me. I think it might be a little overkill to replace every year. Just keep belts with you and replace as you need to. They are made to last longer than a year. Such that yours broke because you hit something, Not from normal wear and tear. It could have been a brand new belt on your machine and it still would have broken. Just my .02
  3. Richard Martin

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    Toroguy wrote:
    I think I may replace all the belts annually? Anyone know if this may be overkill?

    I do think that would be overkill. Replacing the blade clutch belt annually is a good idea though since that belt has more shock put on it than any other belt. A regular inspection program would be benefical though.
  4. Toroguy

    Toroguy LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Thanks Esby and Richard,

    I will follow your advice and keep the replacements on hand. I have inspected the other belts for wear and they appear in good condition.
  5. Not bad for a belt I can buy mail order for $14.

    I have been operating Toro gear drives for over 10 years so I know what breaks and stock my own parts in house.

    Plus when you have 5 machines you can use one to strip parts off one to keep the rest in service.

    To replace traction belt ($10) on a Toro is hard in the field.
    There is a steel bracket that holds the electric clutch in place that is bolted underneath using a front engine mount bolt. I back the drive wheels of the mower up on car ramps to replace a traction belt.

    Some of you guys that have old Toro gear drives should invest in the part and labor to change the traction belt adjustment from the idler pulley in a slot over to the newer style idler pulley on a spring loaded idler arm.

    With the newer set up the power delivery is much more smother and is in perfect adjustment all the time. By installing a new traction belt every spring you greatly increase your mowing production.

    IMHO my gear drives provide much more feel and control than a hydro when trimming close around stuff. I don't work in the rain for mow swamps period. Customer’s drainage issues are not my problem.
  6. grassyfras

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    If I Knew about this a few weeks ago you would of saved me a fortune> My blade just ripped, we had no idea how it did that. The dealer said that the deck was bent somhow I dont think I hit anything just a few curbs litly. The final bill was $287 with parts labor and I got My tires sealed and a greasefitting replaced and te brakes alighned.

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