ExMark Metro or Turf Tracer HP


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Columbus Ohio
Ok. Let me tell you whats going on. I am currently a junior at Ohio state university!! I have been mowing for a while. i have a 36" metro I love it, but I hate that it is belt driven with a fixed dexk. I would go bigger but no room. I am not sure what I want to do after college. My major is agriculture. I could have a mowing business someday?! Should I buy a trailer, say 5'X10' and get the turf tracer HP and rent a storage shed, or just keep the small 36' metro that goes in the back of the truck? I have now 13 customers, looking for more. What should I do about the mowers??
Thanks for all the advice!
David :help:

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Meyersville, NJ
I would take the leap and purchase the Exmark Turf Tracer. I just bought a 48" TT w/ a 17 HP electric start and it's one sweet machine. If you plan on growing your business, always buy the equipment that will make your work easier. Personally, my business waited too long to make our first walk behind purchase, a 36" Bobcat back in the late 80s. Soon, another one appeared, and finally a Lazer Z HP. Finally upgraded the belt drive to hydros.

If you want to make it a career, spend the money now and do it right the first time.


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I think you are on the right track, next step is a 52" hydro TTHP or TT and keep a 36" as a backup as soon as you pick up the 20th account. I am holding on longer cause I need to accumulate profit before making an important purchase as I do cash not credit. Patience is invaluable.