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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by chaddsford, Oct 7, 2003.

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    First, thanks for taking to time to answer questions directly, it is a great help.

    I am probably going to buy a exmark metro 1548 to cut several properties ranging from well maintained lawn to open field. I looked at the Scag and Gravely - almost bought the Gravely, but in the end it seemed too front-heavy and the dealer support was not quite what Exmark seems to offer.

    Questions -

    1. How deep is the Metro deck? I need the deck to be deep enough to cut high grass from time to time and therefore I need some space between the blade and the deck when cutting at 3.5 inches or even higher. Can this deck handle that without clumping and leaving uncut grass?

    2. Any changes for 2004 - air filter like the HP? If one is ordered by a dealer today I assume it would be a 2004 model?

    2. How does this machine perform going down hills? can it be controlled? This is a big issue for me.

    3. Do the metro spindles need to be greased or are they maint free?

    4. Is reverse assist any better with the pistol or ecs controls? I would assume not.

    5. Finally - what is the difference between the Toro Pro Line 48 and the metro? - the metro is listed as being 50+ pounds heavier. At first glance they appear the same except the controls. The price is about the same but I have a pre-existing relationship with the Toro dealer and it would nice to have an explanation of the difference. I want to go with the Metro for resale value if nothing else.

    Thanks for any help that you can provide.
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    Good questions.

    The Metro like all Exmark mowers is a finish cut mower and the deck performs best on turf type grasses that require a manicured cut. Will the deck cut the tall stuff? Yes it will but don't expect it to be a "brush hog". If you adjust the rear axle you can get the 3.5" cut and still keep the blades low in the deck.

    There aren't any significant changes to the Metro for 04. I just got word that the introduction of the new engine/air filter will be delayed possibly until late in the year. The engine performed well in our early testing but developed a somewhat minor problem late that Kawasaki is correcting.

    When going down hill, as with most gear drive walk behind mowers you will need to apply the brakes to keep the mower from "free wheeling".

    The spindles on ALL Exmark mowers are "maintenance free".

    The reverse assist on the pistol grip will function as well as the ECS reverse assist if it's adjusted properly. One of the nice things about the ECS is that it requires a little less adjustment.

    The Metro with ECS does weigh a little more than the other red machine for a couple of reasons. First the ECS controls add a little weight to the machine as do the semi-pneumatic tires. We also added some iron to the front caster arms to help balance the machine a little better on hills and when using a riding attachment.

    Please let me know if we can be of any further assistance.



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