Exmark Metro Tracking To The Right

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by alfabetsoop, May 31, 2001.

  1. alfabetsoop

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    I'm a homeowner and took the plunge last week and bought the 36" Exmark Metro. Got a great cut on Monday on a soaked lawn, and cut almost an hour off my time. Here's my problem: The mower tracks to the right enough so that every 5 yds. I need to "steer" it back to the left. So, it's not just a small issue. I spoke with my dealer, read the manual, and tried the adjustments with the Drive Linkage (loosened the threaded rod), checked the tire pressure and everything else I could see, but no luck. The one thing I notice when I stand back from the mower, it that the handle assembly seems to be "cocked" to the right.

    Any thoughts on what else I should do other than having my dealer pick it up?
  2. Toroguy

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    Try letting a little air out of the left tires. I had same problem. Test it on a street or parking lot, sometimesthe lots are not level and gravity pulls it. If you pulling is extreme the dealer should adjust it for you or replace it.

    Let us know what works.
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    i test drove the hydro i liked it but i didnt see how it could save more time just seem excesivly powerfull but i would take it over belt but its jsut alot more money and i also like the instace reverse when i turned
  4. alfabetsoop

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    Just wanted to let people know that my dealer is picking up the mower on Saturday. So, as far as I'm concerned, he's come through for me as long as he fixes the problem.

    I also emailed Exmark the exact same posting you see here above, and received a return email in 3 hours. This is good customer response! I'll post the response here.



    Thank you for purchasing an Exmark Metro, and for taking the time to
    write in with your question.
    If tire pressure is good, it has to be something in the drive linkage,
    whether merely out of adjustment, or possibly something sticking.
    First we'll start off believing that the adjustments are set correctly.
    I would start off looking at the drive lever, ensure that it is 'free'.
    Pull out the clevis and make sure the handle goes back and forth with
    no restriction. If it is 'free', then I would check the drive idler arm
    to make sure it isn't sticking by pulling out the drive and brake rod.
    If that's good, move down to the arm that engages/disengages the brake
    band to ensure it moves freely. Then look at the wheel tire assembly
    itself to ensure it turns freely.
    If all that checks out, I think we need to look at the adjustments
    again. When the drive levers are released from the neutral/park latch
    position, they should travel down to within a 1/4" of the end of the
    latch. Next ensure that when you engage the park brake (forward
    position of the thumb latch) the unit won't move freely back and forth.
    If it does, tighten the side(s) that do move freely.
    Now ensure that when you engage the neutral lock (Rear position of the
    thumb latch), you should be able to move the unit. If not, loosen the
    brake rod wingnut on the side(s) that won't move.
    Now try driving the unit again. If it still tracks one way or the
    other, you should be able to make that up by adjusting the drive lever
    rods either in or out. If it tracks right, I would screw the right hand
    rod clockwise + turn, and then check the tracking. If that doesn't do
    it, screw the left hand + turn CCW, and check again. Depending on how
    far off it is, you may want to make larger adjustments at at time.
    I hope this helps. If you have any problems understanding what I've
    wrote, or have any other questions don't hesitate to contact us again.

  5. turfquip

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    Using a belt drive mower on a soaked lawn will cause handling problems. Belts can swell, slip or mud and clippings could lodge around the output shaft pulley.

    None of that explains why the handles would be skewed though.
  6. Remember, equal tire pressure does not always mean equal circumfrence. Sometimes tires strech or shrink. Make sure they are the same circumfrence. That is the true measure.
  7. ACER

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    I just bought a 1 year old Exmark Metro HP that had the same problem, this is probably why the orginal owner traded it in. It drove horribly, had to constantly make adjustments just to cut. On the first yard it took longer to cut than my 38" Honda riding mower. My solution was to download the operators manual from the Exmark website and get everything back in the correct adjustment. After this it was a lot better but still tracked to the left. I finally realized the problem was the sulky, after removing it the mower cut straight. My problem now is I don't want to walk, has anyone here used the Exmark self steering (sit down) sulky? Any info would be appreciated.

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