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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mikeshere89, Apr 23, 2003.

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    how often do u grease the zerts on your mowers and im having difficulty adjusting the tension for the steering, when i squeeze the lever it doesnt turn like the other. any tips?
  2. You might have to take the clips off both sides, remove the idelers, clean, grease with finger, reinstall, then grease again.

    While apart, make sure grease zerk lets grease in.

    When I have belt drives we moves those when greasing every week when greasing them.

    Castor wheels daily

    Deck fittings Mon, Wed, Fri.

    Spindels (DC's/Lesco's) every other day

    Wheels on belt drive Once a week when steering is done.

    Hydro idlers, Mon, Wed, Fri
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    Adjust brakes by adjusting wingnut on the upper end of each brake rod. This should help you turn. Did you greased the unit when you bought it cause they are not done at the factory. Make sure to check for loose hard ware daily. I do a prestart check list. I check the brake and wheek drive linkage adjustment daily. Here is a chart that I go by I have a metro 48"

    Caster Wheel Bearing 2 pumps daily
    Caster Pivots 2 pumps daily
    Driver wheel Idler Arm 2 pumps daily
    PTO engagement Bellcrank 1 pump weekly
    Clutch arm Pivot 1 pump weekly
    Cutter deck Idler Pivots 1 pump weekly
    Trans. Output Shaft Coupler 2 pumps weekly
    PTO Engagment Lever Spray Penetrating Lubercant Weekly

    I hope this helps you can get all this info in your operation manual as well. I use my like a Bible for my equipment.

    Good Luck and GOD SPEED

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