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exmark middle blade acts stupid


LawnSite Member
collierville, tn
Today I noticed my middle blade was actinf foolish by not cutting properly.
I would like to know if anyone is having this trouble and how to correct problem. I took blade shaft out completely and looked but could not determine if any thing was wrong. I put a level from eack blade to see if they lined up, they did. Put back together and still same problem, new blades two days ago. I can't figure this thing out, anyone HELP, HELP.:hammerhead:

The mayor

LawnSite Senior Member
East Troy Wi
Thats strange, my toro just had new blades put on yesterday. By today mid morning the middle blade was cutting lower than the outer 2 blades. The middle blade was getting warped. By time I was done all were getting twisted and I has to raise the deck to get the right height. I didn't hit anything.

Envy Lawn Service

LawnSite Fanatic
North Carolina
Some of the blades out there today are just sorry and FLEX UNDER LOAD.

In other words, what happens is, when the going gets tough, the blade will flex downward at the tips. This will show it's ugly head at the center blade most often.

I've had that trouble with eXmark OEM blades.

Take it off, lay the center hole over the rail on your trailer and see how much you can flex it. Then you'll see what I mean. Sometimes it will be just one blade, sometimes the whole set.

Try a heavy duty blade (thicker) and see if it goes away.