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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LandscapeKid, Mar 5, 2012.

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    Hey guys, I recently purchased a 2006 Exmark Lazer with a 27 hp Kohler.
    It has 940 hours, engine replaced under warranty at 318 hours.
    The guy had a receipt from one hydro pump gone and not much else.

    Well, I guess I have three questions for you:

    1. I paid $3950 for this mower, sound like an ok deal?

    2. Is there anything notorious that I should look to repair immediately or replace before the season starts? What should I be looking for before I put this thing into service? This is my first zero turn and I'm a little worried.

    3. I only mow part time, what kind of life expectancy do these mowers have if I take good care of it? I see them selling with 2000+ hrs as "good running machines", kinda hard to believe.

  2. edensgate7

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    I just sold my 2007 27 hp kohler lazer z with 2100hours on a motor that I did gaskets and valves myself and had no other issues with. I ran exmarks from 01 to '10. The kohlers tend to develop oil leaks on the back side of the motor where the block meets the back oil pan on the sides right next to the bottom of the cylinder head. I had this happen on two of mine right about 1000 hours. I fixed both at that time and got one to last about 800 hrs before it started leaking again and I sold it. The second one I did a second time at 2000 hrs and sold it at 2100. I attributed this to the fact that on both mowers, I switched to synthetic oil cause some people siad it was so great but I immediately started seeing leaks on mine. So, my sugg. is to run regular oil and keep it changed and you should get way more than 2000 hours out of them. Deck bearings last at least 1000 hours if greased properly. I have never had a hydro pump go out on one and both had 1800 hrs plus of hard running on them. Just keeep the fluid changed (and it is expensive....up to 12$ per quart at some places). Other than that just do all Prev. Maint. like greasing and blowing off the deck and motor when dirty and you should be fine. Decent find though price-wise. Hope it does well for you.
  3. LandscapeKid

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    Thanks for the suggestions! I will check for oil leaks and make sure to keep up on the maintenance end of things. I do plan to change the oil and hydro fluid and filters along with a freshen up on the blades and checking the belts out.

    It seemed like a decent price to me, I've seen a few go for more than that with way more hours on them. But I also have seen way more of the 25 hp ones than the 27s

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