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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by mbanks23, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. mbanks23

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    to all you guys out there cutting grass, please read. yesterday in atlanta, ga, i was in Picadilly cafeteria on my lunch break and walked out and saw my gate dropped and my exmark mower gone. Mind you i was parked close to the windows so i could "see" any activity around my truck. So the police came did their thing and left. Went to buy another one when another lco guy said did you check around the woods. I said no and rushed back over there and sure enough, whoever had stolen it off my trailer drove as deep as he could in the woods. It was like hitting the jackpot. Real eye opener for me though. This happened in broad daylight in a good part of town. just relaying to anyone that this may ( and i hope not) happen to, dont ever give up finding it. I had. then it was found. I know the cops dont help much but you can yourself exhaust every avenue to locate it. I was lucky, very very lucky to find mine. I hope this never happens to anyone. The cops really didnt want to do much about it either , before and after if you can beleive that.
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    Wow that's great you found it, its kind of weird that someone would steal it in broad daylight in front of people. Im sure you wont be letting your guard down for a long time.
  3. 4curbappeal

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    I read your post, but I still don't understand what happened! I think you got it back! Do you type out your invoices?
  4. doubleedge

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    I would have had the cops hide in the bushes and catch that @#$@^#$.
  5. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    Joyriding? Or stashing it until later?
  6. mbanks23

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    yes got my mower back. i found it hidden in woods to be picked up later. i was saying dont give up finding it if it happens to you. i was extremely lucky to find mine. i asked the cops to hide and they said in a nice way they couldnt, because they didnt have the man power but what ticked me off when i was there was they had someone rush to a shoplifting call (i heard on radio) but didnt seem real eager to catch the guy or guys who did this to me. so i rode by there around midnite to see if they were staking it out and no one was there. they had a realistic chance to catch someone and couldnt or wouldnt do it, frustrates me to no avail.
  7. doubleedge

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    Maybe you shoulda waited there with a large blunt object..... Kidding of course :weightlifter:.
  8. Roger

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    A couple of observations:

    1. Why would somebody suggest "looking in the woods" unless he/she knew something about the activity? Such a suggestion, without any reason or provocation, seems very unlikely, UNLESS that person knew something about the incident.

    2. Since you parked the truck/trailer in a position to keep an eye on it, why wouldn't you have seen the machine being taken off the trailer. That kind of activity would have been viewed as unusual, and been obvious. Somebody sneaking around a trailer, pulling off a blower is something else. But, taking down the gate, unlatching the hold-downs, starting the engine, and driving it off, would have been so obvious. Also, just seeing it drive across the parking lot would have been an easy alert.

    3. Why didn't you just load it back on the trailer, and get on with your day's work? Why did you "pick it up later?" Were you ready to confront anybody who might have returned to pick it up? What were you prepared to do?

    There appears to be many missing pieces from this story.
  9. Horsepower Lawns

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    Glad you got it back.

    Who ever took the mower was going too pick it up later. He loaded it up as soon as he found it.

    But why did the other guy tell you to look in the woods?
  10. ATL Lawn

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    i totally undersatand, i had the same thing happen.

    but lets put the numbers on it

    lets say cops make $40k a yr

    that means that cop makes around $30 an hour(+insurance,benfits, car running, gas,ect)

    then when he catch the guy, he gotta go to court (another 2-3hrs)
    and booking another hr

    was the city suppose to pay him $30 and hr for about 8hrs just to find who did this?

    but i fell your pain brother

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