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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AlbeLawn, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. AlbeLawn

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    I just wanted to let people know that exmark just screwed their distributers and was going to charge them freight and a restocking fee on all of their invintory, after changing to direct to retailer. Their is a retailer in st louis that is also the distributer and they are sellinf all of their invintory at dealer cost he said approx 1.4 million in invintory.
    If you search locate dealers on exmarks website and type in 63128 it is the first dealer to come up. I was quoted a savings of 1900 on a new tt 23kaw with a 60" deck. I could not believe their prices and i am goingj to but a couple. Just thought i would let people know in the midwest because it is worth the drive for the savings.

  2. nobagger

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    I just called the place and I asked about a 50" Lazer HP w/27hp Kholer. Thier price was 400.00 higher than my dealer! Some great savings....thanks any way.
  3. David W

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    Yeah the same here too. Talk about getting my hopes up :(

    Oh well, thanks for the heads up anyway.

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