Exmark Navigator Hydro issue

Hughes Landscaping

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Acworth, GA
I picked up the navigator from the shop on Saturday and when started it today and set the parking brake, the hydros were still trying to push the mower forward. How do I release some of the pressure so it won't continue to push when the brake is engaged? I tried to call the shop but they are closed until after the holidays.

Thanks in advance for the help and advice!

Reliable 1

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Chesapeake, VA
It's possible that you might have to adjust it yourself with the adjustable levers. Lift the seat and turn the knob until you no longer hear the pumps whine under pressure to move forward. It may take some time and you'll have to play with it, but it's easy to adjust.


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Make sure the lever which moves the machine forward is pulled all the way back. If its even just a hair forward it will creap up