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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DLAWNS, Sep 12, 2008.


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    I recently demoed an Exmark Navigator at my local dealer. I noticed that when I would shut the machine off it would backfire almost every time I shut it off. I didn't think much of it because it was the demo unit even though it was a brand new machine.
    I purchased that same machine about a week later and have now been using the machine for approximately a month. It has still been backfiring quite a bit but I always forget to ask my dealer why that would be happening.
    What made me thing to post my question is that while I was cutting today a customer approached me with a question and when I stopped the machine it backfired and he nearly hit the ground because he thought he was getting shot at. Does anyone have any experience with this problem or any ideas how to stop this?
    On a side note I was not the biggest fan of this mower when I demoed it last year but it has really grown on me as I have been using it. So if anyone has been on the fence about purchasing one and you have any questions about my likes or dislikes feel free to ask.
  2. 2stroke

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    my Walker would do that same thing. if you are idleing it down it will backfire. try shutting it down at full throttle. thats what i do. no more gun shots.

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    Thanks for the quick reply. I was always told not to shut it down at full throttle as it is bad. I have no grounds for that belief, just what I've been told. If it's safe for the mower that's what I will do.
  4. zak406

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    The only time any of our walkers at work would backfire is when we were losing our engine... i doubt this is your problem but we also idle ours down before we shut off and have no backfiring problems what so ever. however i think you should get it fixed under waranty because that does not sound normal.

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    i had this problem with the walk behind leaf blower. i started to idle it down before shutting it off and the problem was solved
  6. nosparkplugs

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    The Kohlers are notorious for backfiring all the time from less than 5 hours to 700 hrs, Our Scag Tiger Cub's did it, the Walker does it the only fix is to shut it down wide open throttle, only when I shut it down idling does it backfire. My Kohlers started backfiring with less than 5 hours of use so it BS, that "backfiring" is a sign the motor is "going" out.

    To reduce Kohler backfiring:

    1.) Always shut down full throttle
    2.) use a high quality fuel & fuel additive
  7. zak406

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    excuse me no spark plugs but if you read my post i said i doubt this is your issue our engines went out at 1940 in hours in the walker im talking about (he never specified the hours on the exmark eather)
  8. nosparkplugs

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    You said it yourself "is when we were losing our engine" no hours of use specified could be new or old??? I just stated the facts in my experience with Kohlers
  9. b121774

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    My walker started backfiring at 4 hrs! Dealer said it's normal.
  10. ffemt1271

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    mine did the same thing and had to choke it every time i started it.i started using pennzoil full synthetic oil and it doesn't backfire and i don't have to use the choke anymore unless it's really cold

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