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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by flynnlandscaping, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. flynnlandscaping

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    Im 14 years old and do some mowing and landscaping on the side i was wondering if any of you have some input on the Exmark Navigator with the 20hp kohler on it. Im looking to purchase a gently used one from CL and was wondering if its actually worth the cash. Also My customers love the stripes my tractor produces so i would greatly appreciate some photos of Navigator Stripes as well!
  2. Brown & Co.

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    My advice...dont.

    Im assuming your doing this yourself with no adult around because I was at your age.
    Your 14...focus on school and definatly making friends and increaing your network. In your spare time for spending money push a mower around and pass out flyers for business, knock on doors, do basic cuts for 25 a pop...real small things. You dont have the experience to do a property that would require a mower of that size. Nor do you have the independance or the resorces to move those larger pieces of equipment. Get a walk behind and focus on properties you can knock out in 30 min. Dont do acreage property... its too time consuming for a person of your age. One thing you learn in doing this is to never Lie to yourself of all people.
  3. ZINC Lawn Care

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    Who are you to say he doesnt have the experiance? Do you know him? He asked a simple question, and your bullshit answer that us younger guys always get ("Your to young and inexperianced.....") did not answer his question. Sorry to get pissy but everytime a younger landscaper who is more experianced than some "pro's" posts something, someone always makes a comment like yours. Nothing personal.
  4. MTenterprises

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    Hey bud, good for you man! 14 and out working to make money, build character, gain experience, and possibly build a great business. That's awesome. I personally don't have any experience with the navigator, but I DO prefer Exmark. I love both of mine. If you decide not to get it, look at the turf tracer. They are great all around mowers.
    Don't listen to the BS about your age. I commend you. :usflag:
  5. LawnMan19

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    Yeah, I didn't quite get that ether.
  6. ZINC Lawn Care

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    Good to know its not just me
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  7. Brown & Co.

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    Well after this post Im probably just moving on...Im not here to argue with anyone. I never said stop mowing... or that hes too young. Who am I? lol If you have to ask it means your not educated enough to find out on your own.

    Look I just gave my advice...thats all. With your out burst there...you have proven that lack of experience.

    I know because Ive been in business working with hands on experience well beyond his years alone ;) Im not saying he does bad work...I bet its amazing work and thats why hes got the money to drop...I just dont think its wisely spent. At 14 4-5k is much better spend on other legal required things that your parents are probably paying for...or not...I dont know him...4-5 grand could be his weekly allowance...in the end I stick with what I said originally I wouldnt...and propose that there are better choices when it comes to business... Dont be upset...after all Its just Business...nothing personal.
  8. Mountain Peak

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    The first thing I'd do is go talk to the local Exmark dealer and see how he treats you. You really need a good dealer to help support equipment like that.
    I like the Navigator and look to purchase one this summer. I run Walkers and Hustlers.
    See how old the unit is and how many hours are on the engine. That will start you in the right direction.
  9. KS_Grasscutter

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    Re-read what Brown and Co posted. Now, do it again. I am 21 now and already have major regrets about the things I didn't do in high school because I was so focused on mowing. I only have a couple friends from high school, because I would be off in a corner reading turf magazine instead of socializing. And to be honest my business isn't much farther ahead now then it woulda been if I waited till after high school to start.

    That being said... If you can afford to have a navigator to just use on saturdays, it should be a great machine for you, if you do higher end manicured lawns. A better machine might be a Lazer 7 with a bagging system, or a Vantage stand on. These would be more multi purpose, allowing you to do more rough cut type stuff.

    Either way, good luck. Just please don't forget that you need to work to live, not live to work. Don't ignore your social life.
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