Exmark Navigator vs Walker comparison

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by weeze, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. Wright48

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    I am actually about to order a walker brand new fuel ingected. I looked at the ex mark and there both good mowers but when it comes down to it the ex mark is slower heavier and doesnt have the reputation that walker has. Walker has extremely good respones to its hydro and manovarability plus they stand behind there product better. nothing cuts like the walker ive wanted one for a few seasons now. I have the money to buy it im getting it makes the properties look way better and cuts down on time. Lets face it there a reson why walker has been around for so long.
  2. Mahoney3223

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    What kind of pricing are you getting on the new efis?
  3. CircleC

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    I was running a Navigator last season, just switched to a Walker. The Navi cut is nice and it handles ok. I think the Walker is lighter, seems to have more weight in the drive tire area vs.the rear like the Navi(tail tire seems to make a deeper track w Navi). My Navi hydro's were shot after 1900 hrs. I have seen quite a few Walkers w 3000+ hrs with original motor/hydro's. I also think the Navi sits just a bit higher in the operators position. I also like the versatility of the Walker, more deck options with 1 mower. I can use the GHS and a 74 inch discharge deck on the same property. I have to buy a totally seprate mower with the Navi. The Navi does seem to mow a little fast, however; my clients are not looking for speed. For the money the Walker seems to be better for me.
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    We only use walker. They offer a Diesel liquid cooled model that combines fuel efficientciey with long life. Consider yourself lucky if you are able to get 3000 hours out of an air or liquid cooled gas engine.
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  5. BPS##

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    I've seen the commercial before and put no stock in it.
    It was clearly a 100% negative on the walker, 100% positive on the exmark. I am not a blind follower like that.

    If walker was the trash that this clown tries to claim that it is they would not be sold in 26 countries and have produced over 250,000 units.
  6. BPS##

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    Not so any more. With the pre 99 walkers this would happen because their air cleaners still sucked in too much dirt.

    Now days with proper maint they can reach 5000. I've got a 26 hp EFI that is north of 3000 hrs and still has 130 psi compression. I don't expect to repower it any time soon.
  7. Mikegyver

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    I own a Scag version and have demo'ed a walker. The walkers are a maintenance nightmare. I have pictures of the internals of the one I demo'ed....its a TOTAL RAT'S NEST! The way the drive is set up on them is not the greatest. They do not handle hills well.
    Having separate wheel motors/pumps is where both the Scag Cougar and the Navigator excel. Its the same style of system that 100,000s of Midmounts use. IMHO all of the mowers in this class have their little quirks. If Scag had done several things differently on their models they would have had a huge chunk of the market because they are such great machines. I am sure that the navigator has a few issues also. I would rate Navigator #1, Walker #2, and the Scag Cougar #3.
  8. BPS##

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    Separate wheel pumps/motors............ has it been that long since you've had a walker that you forgot their set up?

    Same thing.

    Mine handles hills just fine. Its all in the operator.
    And DO NOT run the tires at 35 psi because thats what the sidewall says.
    Drop it to 10 psi and it'll do two things. Ride better and because the tire is softer it'll have better traction.
  9. johnnyusa

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    Mcc lawncre ive owned both scag and walker and thewalker blows it away. Not even close. My friend also owns a walker/ exmark dealership and sells navigators. He brought u them both home and ran em side by side and said walker was way nicer and a better cut.
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  10. Mikegyver

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    You are right the scag is no where close to the walker.
    The walker I had had some kind of hydro gear...far from the separate pumps/motors.
    The one we ran had issues with the hill we ran it on. Its not very steep either. I have video of the walker rep having major issues on the hill.

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