Exmark Navigator vs Walker comparison

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by weeze, Feb 20, 2012.

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    I haven't heard of anyone defending the Navi....does anyone run them? Both machines are fairly similar in price. Most companys that run them around hear are large companys that are getting a large fleet discount thru eXmark. As far as I know Walker won't really move on their pricing. I moved from Navi to Walker due to the drive system. Every Navi that I have seen at about 1000 hrs you will start having hydro issues. I have not seen those issues with Walker.

    Navi owners where you at....
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    Hey Circle K, I'm here! We run 4 Exmark navigators and absolutely love them. I'll start off by saying "opinions are like a#@holes, everyone has one". LOL We all favor certain machines and usually don't want to admit buying errors when they're made, it's called ego. Having said that, I used to run mid mounts with trac vacs years ago. My friends in the biz had Walkers and always seemed to have breakdowns, always in the shop, even on newer machines. Gearboxes, blowers, multiple issues. I decided to switch over everything to Exmark Navigators cuz I've always had extremely good luck with all my past 10 Toro midmounts, so Exmark seemed a good try. Also to make things better, my local dealer had purchased a trailer load of Navi's and was blowing them out for $8500 each. Bought 2 right off the bat at that price. Used them for 2 years straight (700hrs now), not one issue mechanically, just changed oil and filters, did the normal grease maintenance. Striping is incredible. I'm not a huge fan of striping like some guys, but my friends who are also my competitors always says they envy my lawns, I tell them it has alot to do with the machines, (us too of course). Decks are nice and deep like the exmark mid mounts too. Speed is pretty good as well. I guess I hear you can get that too with the walker speed up kits, gearbox upgrades, all of which seem to come standard on the Navi's. Bought 2 more this past fall at a good price as well. I have to say i saw that navi\walker comparison and see some truths in it as someone who actually owns the exmark and sees the points he is making on the Navi. I've never owned a Walker so I only have my friends knowledge and experience first hand to balance information on both units. Bashing others on their choices over your choice is pretty childish behavior imho, but that goes on here all the time. Ford vs Chevy, Exmark vs Scags etc.... I think by expressing our likes and dislikes without slinging hash around, helps people here consider the alternatives, pros and cons of different machines. Not based on emotional responses from those who would fight tooth and nail on their mower choice , whether they're good machines or not just because of their egos. Many of the old timers from the early days of lawnsite with very helpful experience and knowledge stopped coming here because of this petty **** that goes on here, myself included. Been in business 20 years and have learned alot, and still have more to learn. My favorite quote holds true for these types of exchanges. "Better to be silent and thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt" . So yes i'm a Navigator fan and will probably never buy a Walker, that said who cares?

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    The only trashing im going to do is on the dealer in that video alan is a D-bag. His company is a joke and try to screw you over any chance they get. He is located in North Ridgeville OH. Now on to my thoughts on the Exmark and Walkers, I am on my 3rd year with my navigator. Before I was on my own I worked for a company that used walkers so I have used both. Both machines are pretty much a pain in the ass to work on since they are both pretty compact. The exmark has the swinging gas tank which helps and walker may have that by now not really sure. The exmark does have a bigger chute and does not clog near as much and I do think with the smaller chute walker has it doesnt suck up as much grass. however sometimes I do not want to suck all the grass up and I am able to turn some baffles under the deck and reduce the amount to about 25% on my navigator. the controls seem far better on my navigator but that may be just me. Have you ever seen the amount of grease points on a walker? there are a ton and the exmark has far less which I like much better. IMO both machines are good and they both have some flaws but it is cheaper to own and maintain a exmark and I think my navigator does a better job of striping as I have had people stopping me and saying "we want our yard to look like that can you do ours too?" Its best not to use anyones thoughts or sales pitches to make your mind up. Simply demo both and see what you like best
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    On the subject of the walker chute.

    In the last couple years they've made it a lot bigger.
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    Have 1 weeks use on my Navigator. Have 3 Walker's and after feeling gouged by part prices from my Walker dealer($25 each for the pin's that drop down in the gear for the parking brake, WTF?) I decided to try the Navigator. First impression is that it's heavy and sluggish, not as responsive as the Walker. After more time with it though, I feel that is a good thing(sluggish, not the weight) as I can track a straighter line. Also it doesn't get bouncy in the rear. It is slower in tight sections than the walker though.

    The best difference is the cut. The Nav goes right through thick lawns that I was double cutting with my 23hp mt. Quality of cut is better than the walker ever was, even when it was new. I even clogged up the deck on the Nav pushing the fill alert trying to just get the last few passes in, and the cut quality was still excellent, just as good as my Walker mulch deck.

    Maintenance is WAY easier. I really like the semi-pneumatic rear tail wheel and the front no flats. Top speed is great. Seat is more comfortable. Very well made and beefy. My MT has needed frame repair twice now. I think the Navigator is a superior machine.

    I have read many threads comparing the 2 mower's and I have been a big Walker fan for years. Most people lean towards the Walker. After buying one, I just don't understand why that is? I am selling 2 of my walker's, and my Mulch deck and buying another Nav. Keeping one just to run my Perfaerator.
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    I purchased a used navigator this spring. Put over a 100 hours on it so far. Had a customer put 10lbs per 1000 sq ft of fert down, then had a company spray for weeds and add more fert. Well it grows about 6"-7" a week or more with rain. Just for the heck of it I was a 3/4 speed. I figure close to 5 1/2 mph. Never plugged. When I had mid mount z with baggers it would have plugged them for sure. I'll have to make a video. It's crazy what it will suck up. It's like its grass hungry. I've also noticed that the hopper is 9.5 bu, but I can bag longer than with a 14bu bagger. I tried to buy a walker for years, but could never get with the sales lady. Oh well, its for the better I think
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    The walker does not have much maintenance at all. Yes there are about 80 grease zerks. 90% only have to be greased one time per season. Might take 20 min tops. Otherwise, no more maintenance then any other machine. Btw, we bought ours new in 1996. 48"ghs with 21hp Kubota gas. Now has 3800hrs.
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    i am sticking with walker. i switch last year. flushed everything exmark out of my fleet that's not a 26 or 21. 90% less rutting, better cut, more areas, slope performance on the mb is amazing. i had a 2010 lza lazer z and a metro 36. i have shaved a ton of time off running walkers. mulch performance on the mb shames the exmark wet or dry. hardly any buildup. got tired of scraping the underside of the deck . my customers will tell you i have one of the nicest cuts in town. 200 hrs on the MT26efi no issues. deck pins 25 bucks?? i think i paid that for a two bags of them. customer retention and quality has no price, and to me running walkers is completely justified. i have taken now four yards from guys running navi's. ..i don't mind greasing them. leaf season was a breeze. i have cleaner , tighter properties with less effort with the walkers. 'nuff said.
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    80 grease zerks! :dizzy:

    my deere only has 5.

    3 on the spindles you grease every 50hrs and 2 on the castors you grease every 500hrs.
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    80 is an exaggeration but they do have a lot.

    I doubt they have more than 15.

    I'd imagine the deere has a couple more than 5.
    I know mine does any way.

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