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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gogreencanada, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. What kind of dollars am I looking at for the Exmark Navigator, and how does it's price compare to the Walker mower?
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    This subject has been beat to death! Vist YOUR dealers--price them in YOUR area--demo them on YOUR jobs--form your opinions from YOUR own demo experience--not OUR experiences--to many people will give you opinions about mowers they do not own or use--but they got the information from their ex wifes' 4th cousin, 12th removed or some other less than reliable source!
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    Walker period!!!!

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    I believe the Walker is a little bit more expensive, but I prefer the Walker over the navigator...but thats just my preference.
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    i'm a huge walker fan, i've owned 3 so far. I like them so much I set up a message forum dedicated to them, but it's really up to what you want, brand preference and dealer support. use the search feature and find a post by user Tallimeca (hope i spelled that right). find any post he has made and look at his signature, there is a comparison thread linked in there that should answer any and all questions you might have.
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  7. rmmllc

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    I'm buying a Navigator this year. Do a search- there is a thread with side-by-side photos and explanations to the differences. Good luck-
  8. rmmllc

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    BTW dealer said about $11.5K, but there is a $1K rebate going on this spring by Exmark.
  9. tallimeca

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    check my signature for comparisons. You won't be sorry going with the Navigator.

    Navigator prices Exmark Sale Price for 27hp 48" $11,899. There is a 1k rebate at point of sale so you pay 10,899. Then of course , you might be able to work the price a bit.

    Local walker dealers are quotes prices of $10,999 to $11,599 for the 26efi and 48 inch deck. They said to add 300 for the gearbox update. Supposably the heavy duty gearboxes were standard now on walker so they might be selling old stock.

    The Navigator is a better engineered, better built, and better performing machine. That's why they can sell them for more than a walker and people pay it.

    Walker is a good machine. Navigator is better. Just my opinion.
  10. rmmllc

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    my local walker dealer must have some mark-up... they said they start at $13K. I like the navigator better anyhow. Anyone ever use the snowblower on the Navigator? I just got done shoveling the heavy stuff- thought about getting one next year the whole time.

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