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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by eztrak17, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. eztrak17

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    So i see the navigators are pretty popular. where i live in nothern nh i have never seen an exmark navigator!! can someone just explain to me what makes them better/worse than a regular zero turn? And in my opinion why they lookso stupid :p it would be much appreciated! where i live we run a lot of lazer z's, turf rangers, and deeres. thanks
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    They cut so good. But please understand these mowers have a sole purpose. They are dedicated baggers. They are made for small high end properties that have to be perfect. They are good for tight areas and horrible on hills. If you cut huge hilly properties you would be wasting your money with this machine. If your cutting high end, very intricate, precise semi flat properties from 1/4-3/4 acres, then you can't get a better mower. They are great for cleanups. They are expensive to fix but are reliable if taken care of like anything else. You have to pay attention more with this mower since its a dedicated bagger and everything it cuts runs through another blade on its way to the hopper. So if you hit a huge rock, log, stick, baseball ect, the machine will try to bag it, and destroy all kinds of things including your wallet. That's why you run them on properties that don't have that crap on them. I've noticed you really have to watch out for golf balls since all the properties we cut with this machine always backup to golf courses.
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  4. yourmove

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    Most all of my lawns are small high-end lawns.

    The Navigator, for me, didn't work out. The middle caster wheel consistently caused damage when the wheel yoke and fork snapped around to change direction.

    May have been just my machine but I would love to try another. The wheel fork was adjusted to spin with less than .05 #s.
  5. exmarkking

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    Strange? I haven't ever had that problem
  6. Exact Rototilling

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    Is there not a clipping reduction function on the Navigator....that Walkers don’t have...?
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    Walker had a double tail wheel kit that eliminated this problem. You may be able to retrofit it. It's two wheels mounted together in the center on the same pivot. Then will counter-rotate when turning and won't tear the turf.
  8. yourmove

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    Yes - I just got done demonstrating this problem to the dealer . . . he took back the machine without a problem.

    He is surprised as well.
  9. yourmove

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    Thanks - this does sound like a reasonable solution; however, the Navigator has been returned.

    In the future I am going with a Turf Tracer or something of that nature.

    I do believe the trade-off for comfort and productivity comes at the cost of a heavier machine that does not tread as light as a WB.

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