Exmark not warranting my mower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by racer56, Jan 10, 2008.

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    I took the mower in to get some waranty work done. Damage done to the bag the dealer said was due to the factory poor placement of some plastic ties. I guess the ties cut short and stuck out onto the edge of the bag. It cut a few holes in the bag in maybe 25 hours or so. Grease zerk broke off in the rear axle hanger and they had to just tap the steel and screw one in instead of getting the piece it was attached to. I guess the zerk was press fit from the factory. Anyway long story short the dealer said Exmark said the stuff I wanted to have fixed on our 25 hour(rough) 6 month old commercial? mower was not covered as they are wear items. Crap for paying that much money. The dealer couldn't believe it either. Kind of puts them in a bad spot but it isn't their fault. Guess Exmark doesn't want anymore of our money. They should do everything in the world for us after the Triton deck crap pawned off.
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    You know how to solve that problem? Dont buy another exmark.

    I did that. When I first started business and bought my first mower, Exmark gave me a warranty problem.

    Well lets just say 15 bobcats later, I havent bought another exmark.
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    The economy and drought situation in 2007 put all mower manufactures in a bad way because of sales being off so much. You may see some better deals on new equipment you buy straight out, but they will be hard to deal with on anything that has to come out of their pockets. They will do anything possible to try and slip out of paying warranty work, so everyone may as well get ready.
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    sounds to me like the dealer didn't set up the bag correctly and that's why the ties wore through the bag, and it's the dealer's fault, not exmark. They should be the ones taking care of you.

    As far as the fitting, I can't see them not covering that repair. I don't believe that. I'd call exmark direct.

    Got news for you guys, all manufacturers are cracking down on warranty issues. Honestly, some of them belive that if your the type of guy who is gonna look for something for nothing, you'll do it again and they just as well have you go buy someone elses product. Some guys will take care of it to save a customer. That is how Exmark has always seen it.

    I've sat at service seminars where Exmark has yelled at dealers for denying some warranties or not at least calling the warranty department. All you are doing is pissing off a customer over pennies in some cases when they have a legit complaint.

    Again, this board is full of whiners. Pretty bad when I talk to landscapers who won't even come on here because they said it's just a bunch of cry babies. They are right for the most part.
  5. topsites

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    Oh come on a zerk?!

    How about the tires?
    What if they run low on air?

    Gimme a break.
  6. puppypaws

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    It is really very simple, if the manufacture or dealer caused a part of their machine to fail prematurely, they are responsible, if you caused the failure, you are responsible. The fight always comes about when the responsible party want admit their fault.
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  8. txgrassguy

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    What I have found to be the case in my situation is that warranty repair(s) aren't a problem.
    That said I purchase a high volume amount of equipment and the dealer, and his mechanics supported this independently, said he didn't want me going some place else.
  9. racer56

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    The zerk broke off. The metal is paper thin and I didn't want to make a repair that might fail and then have them have an out. I guess they took one anyway. The dealer said it really needs to be replaced but I told them do only what the factory will pay for so far. This is on a 21" metro. If you look where I'm talking about you will see what I'm saying. It is just wrong to have this much wrong with a machine with a few hours on it at best. I padi full asking price of 1250.00 for this thing mainly for the warranty. Not having the warranty I would have just bought a Honda @ HD for 1/3 the price and got a real warranty on it. Might not get it back right away but this thing has just been sitting anyway.
  10. racer56

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    We did make a few purchases on mowers this winter. 3 new standers 3 chain saws, 2 back pack blowers... We buy a few pieces every year not alot compared to big boys but I ALWAYS pay full asking price, never ask for a trade-in, and only ask for good service in return. If the dealers can't offer us warranty service then don't cry when we purchase over the net. Service is the ONLY thing they have to offer period.

    I wasn't looking to get some crap going or anything I was trying to just lay it out there. This dealer is very helpful but we didn't buy it there. When we moved we had to find all new dealers. I was welcomed by this dealer but it might have had something to do with my Dad doing business with them for over 20 years now. They know the kind f person I am and want my business but they can't be expected to go in the whole on this deal when they didn't even sell it. The manufacture has put them in a bad spot. If I was a cry baby I could give them alot of grief. The bag is only 100.00 so not a big deal and I guess the part is around 30.00 for the hanger. It might put Exmark under put I'll still be fine:dizzy:. Thought I would try to help someone else from having this happen to them.

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