Exmark OEM hydro filters?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Greg78, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. ricky86

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    I contacted my rep at Toro when I noticed they had a new number for the Grandstands.
    I pressed him for a explanation but got none. IMO 10 micron is awful fine for a suction system
    Between thrust brg and input brg failures, those pumps don't need any help in the way of
  2. piston slapper

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    You are prolly referring to a post I did a few weeks ago on Stens hydro filters..
    I used the Stens hydro filters for about 10 years on Dixie's and Exmarks ..only after they were out of warranty..
    I never had any issues using their 10 micron filters ...and prolly used about 100 of them every year...
    The newer Exmarks have changed their fluid and filter requirements...though I haven't worked on any of them to know the difference..

    Stay away from the plain white hydrofilters with no writing on them...they plug up..
    I also noticed problems with the Dealers Choice hydro filters...some didn't want to prefill..
    Pour fluid in them and a. Half hour later..they still hadn't absorbed the fluid...I don't trust those filters..
  3. ricky86

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    The fluid requirements have only received an addition. Mobil 1 is still an alternative, though
    the "OEM" fluid seem to hold it's viscosity longer, base on using it for2-3 yrs. Mobil one will thicken. The OEM does not. All the more reason to use a coarser media in the filter. But don't for one minute think the OEM's don't throw knuckleballs every so often to keep customers on their heels. This thread is proof of that.
    The lesson is, filter are not all created equal. Anyone who believes that is a fool. MOST aftermarket filters
    have one big thing going for them. Big profit margins for the seller.
  4. Greg78

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    You got that right. Local Exmark dealer charges for oem parts and you get a Rotary part.
  5. Roger

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    There are specs listed at the bottom of the page, 10 micron, 18-22 psi pressure relief valve, no drain, 3/4-16 threads, ...

    I realize this may not be the best source of specs, but one of the places I found. The words say "OEM ... not aftermarket ..."

    I have used this Toro filter with my Exmark Viking, with Mobil 1 15W-50 for many, many years. It gets changed once per year. I have also used an Exmark filter for some replacements, no problems.
  6. pugs

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    That whole thing looks copied and pasted from Stens. So yah, not a good source of info. Probably correct for the Stens filter but they have all the toro/Exmark numbers that people are saying some are 10 and some are 25.

  7. Greg78

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    Yeah it was your post I was referencing. I was just ordering some hydro filters for my Dixie and will use oem until out or warranty.

    Dixie filters are 40 micron part # 68140. Was looking for the best deal I could get on filters and see a lot of sellers advertising the Hydro-Gear and Stens filters as direct OEM replacements (these are the 10 micron filters). One seller is even stating "This is OEM parts, NOT aftermarket.". I know my Dixie didn't come with that filter nor did my Exmark.
  8. mmerder

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    They might have come out of the same factory though. Most of the OEMs source from the same places are the aftermarkets. Like Kohler who went to India on their filters and Stens still comes from the US. Sometimes they change so much they don't even list a country of origin on them anymore.
  9. ricky86

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    Kohler filter have been made in the US for about 2 yrs now. Seems the 12 yr olds making them in India had a problem with the quality of their work
  10. mmerder

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    Maybe some of them went back. There was a booth at GIE for the last couple years from some place in India and they had branded filters from Kohler, Briggs, Generac, and Kawasaki on the table. I googled and came up with a place called Elofic. They had all those brands listed on their website. Maybe fill ins?

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