Exmark OEM or Aftermarket belt.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 4.3mudder, Apr 26, 2009.

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    Ok, I don't know what you guys use. But last year I bought a Exmark lazer Z and replaced the mule belt which runs from the engine to the deck. I bought the mower used and it did not have one. The problem that I have sometimes is I have to have the engine RPM up high to engage the blades or else the belt will jump off the idler pulley. This does not always happen. I don't know if it might be the belt maybe a bit too long. This belt part number mached up with an aftermarket because I could not see myself spending 55 bucks on a belt. I can get off the mower and look at it from behind and watch the pulley jump up and down a whole lot. I replaced the spring thinking that it might have lost tension, but it does the same thing. If I start it at a low RPM, the engine will lose RPM dramatically and the belt will jump. Any suggestions.
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    The moveable idler arm should be somewhere in the middle of the 2 holes on the frame, and the mule drive idlers should be somewhat level. Is it? Maybe start by getting a manual from Exmark to check the correct adjustment. As for the aftermarket belt, OEM is best. Both are expensive. (I am assuming it is a full size Lazer)
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    I will have to see where the idler arm is oppesed to the other holes. Yes, this is a full size lazer 60 inch.

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