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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by turfeater, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. turfeater

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    hello would like to ask for some help with my 03 lazer z its the 60" with a 26efi kohlor .this machine has been awesome thru the years and is getting a bit older . have 1400 hrs to date . It allways has been a bit touchy on the controls . but has become worse to where its too jerky ..have changed the dampers ..and tighten the controls best I know ...will put more info later ...

    any thoughts here thanks ron
  2. turfeater

    turfeater LawnSite Member
    from ohio
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    pardon my format. I could not fine where the link tab to edit post .I wanted to add that i could not get the original dampers with the ball and socket ends .the dealer I went too said they discontinued them and had a blade type end replacement ! IMO they are crap .If anyone knows where I can get a pair of the ball type I would appreciate much ! anyway I managed to get them to work for awile and was still jerky .I checked and have keeped the linkage lubed and It is fairly tight .Have had no issues with week or bad sounds from the pumps or motors .They work fine .I have keeped the fluid and filters changed and even earlier then required . I blocked up the machine and ran a long time to purge f and reverse .....

    any help as to what I should do or check would be helpfull
    thanks ron @ lighthouse lawn
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    First thing you'll need off the machine is model and serial number, might as well get that now.

    Then check a couple of things out, you'll want to see about downloading a parts
    manual from the Toro Web site, if they have it, it would be in pdf format and this
    would be of great assistance in helping you always have the OEM part number.

    Once you have that (or if they don't have it), you might check with J. Thomas,
    I couldn't say if they'll have your part but I do know they carry a decent selection.
    One thing about J-Thomas is they list their parts in diagrams along with the OEM part number.

    Another place to check is Parts Tree, they usually have a nice parts diagram as well.

    Last but certainly not least, don't be afraid to look at another manufacturer's machines,
    and it's a bit of a time consuming ordeal because it doesn't cross easy but I've found parts
    off another mower to fit mine more than once, so I think it's definitely worth a good look.

    Oh yeah:

    Ebay's another place might be worth a look.
  4. turfeater

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    from ohio
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    Thanks Topsites Yes I bought a set off j thomas and they said the oem part was discontinued as did the dealer ! The after market ones had a bit more play the the old ones I had, so i sent them back .I manualy pushed the shocks or dampers in and out and there was a lot of free play in one of them ...maybe A fluke ,,,but no time to mess around and sent back and went to dealer . I'll post to see if anyone else has replaced with another brand ...thanks rt

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