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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lukemelo216, Oct 19, 2008.

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    Hey guys, I am going to be buying a Exmark ZTR here in the next few weeks and just want you opinion on some different things, before I got a spend a ton of money. I am looking at the Lazer Z, HP, or AS. I am also thinking about adding the Micro-Mulch Kit and the Operator Controlled Discharge. Is the Mulch kit that much different than the standard blades that come on these mowers? I am trying to avoid having to purchase a bagging system, so I would like to have the best blades that will produce the bagged look, without actually bagging. Any opinions would be great.

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    IMO a Walker model MB with the new 42" mulch deck will give a much better cut, and mulches way better. No bagging capability though.
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    The 52 in lazer z hp with the triadvantage deck and mulch kit does a very good job mulching. The mulch kit comes with the wavy mulch blades, the kit encloses each blade in a indivdual chamber.
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    The mulch kit is a must-have if you want to mulch. Blocking off the discharge will make a mess of clippings windrowing. The Exmark "wavy" mulching blades are great, I even use them on my Gravely for much improved mulching performance. You can get a nearly bagged look in some conditions on some types of turf. But on fast growing turf you probably can't always mulch, at least not w/o having to make a second pass to neaten it up. And above about 3.25" you get a less clean cut when mulching with the Exmark Trivantage deck at least. Around here anything that looks like the KBG there can be cut and discharged with good results. If clippings are so heavy they show on the lawn you may not like the mulching result either. Too much moisture also hurts mulching performance. It is a VERY important part of any bid whether you mulch, bag, or discharge, so you need to know going in what you are capable of doing and what to charge for it. Bagging would add a ton to the price of mowing a lawn here.

    The safest bet is probably the AS Lazer as I believe it has the old proven ultracut deck. Some have had problems with the newest deck design used on the others. As far as mulching goes, Exmark is the best I've seen, but I am curious on the Walker 42" mulching deck comment.

    You will need to decide if you're going to mulch or bag leaves as well. Bagging leaves you'll need a full bagging system, not just a side bag, most likely.
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    Can you elaborate on why you think so? Have you mulched with both brands? What types of grass and what mowing heights are you mulching? Not many MB's out there.

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