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Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by ExcaliburLawnCare, Aug 9, 2007.

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    I have been using walk behinds since I started tending lawns and next year I am going to get a zero turn. I have had the opportunity to use an Exmark zero turn at the Tennessee Baptist Children's Home for six days 5 hours per day and I absolutely loved it. I was wondering though if a DC would be a better investment for longevity or is this just some fanciful idea floating around in my mind.
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    Your local dealer service matters much more then what brand your mower is. In my opinion, ANY of the commercial brands are good, it just boils down to a few minor differences and your local dealers.
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    Dealer service is paramount, however I have 2 Exmark TTHP walk behinds with ultracut decks and a Lazer Z 60 with the Ultracut deck and absolutely love them. They cut 5 times cleaner than the EverRide I had.
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    Do you mean an actual cleaner cut or just finer clippings? I ask because I'd like to buy an Everride but spitting out full length clippings concerns me.
  5. TN Property Services

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    Both. One of my walk behinds has the Exmark micro mulch kit and it (for obvious reasons) has finer clippings and leaves a substantial cleaner cut than the everride. Now for the one that is setup to side discharge, it too, leaves a cleaner cut and produces finer and smaller clippings.
    The Everride deck (at least the one on the Warrior I had) had a lot of space between the leading edge and the blades. I think this contributed to longer clippings b/c the cut grass was out of the blade path so quickly and not getting cut again. On the other hand, the dischrage chute on the everride is huge and LANCHES the clippings farther than any mower I have ever used.

    Hope that helps explain.

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