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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by farmmower, May 4, 2013.

  1. Choppin

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    I'm gonna run the 2000 I have for awhile I'm hoping ferris will come out with a mower in between the two with a high ground speed maybe a 2100 or something... With bigger back tires than the 2000... The small tires is my biggest gripe about the 2000... I put bigger tires on my 2000 and it helped it a lot...
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  2. farmmower

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    Still hard to make a decision - lot of folks say go for the 3100 if you are thinking about the 2000. Dealer didn't mention 3100 at the time and not sure how much more $$ it is. It will be my last mower and plan to still be using whatever 10 years from now. 5 acres is pretty smooth, most grass, some weed area, and a not too steep ditch to mow out.

    One interesting thing the dealer mentioned is that a guy bought a new IS 2000 with 25 hp Kaw and brought it back with 40 hrs. and said he wanted more horsepower and bought the one with Briggs Vanguard 32 HP. At which time I asked him to price that one.
  3. Choppin

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    The 3100 is a better machine... But not sure if it is $2000 dollars better for your application... I believe you can get 2000 hours out of the 2000 and that will take awhile for you to get that many hours... But if money isn't a problem get the 3100...
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  4. PLS-Tx

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    Go with Ferris, you will love the ride much better than Exmark.

    We have a 2000 and a 3100 and planning to add another 3100 soon.

    Our 2000 has done great, It would be more than enough for your 5 acres.

    If I was only cutting 5 acres I would save the extra $ and get the 2000. You will love it.
  5. farmmower

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    How much time savings will I get if I go from the JD 757 54" to a Ferris or Exmark 60" on 5 acres? Part of my reason for wanting to trade is the benefit of a better seat on either in addition to newer technology - the JD is about 4-6 years old but only 600 hrs. Appreciate the comments but still can't decide between the Exmark 2000 Lazer S 29 HP Kaw or the Ferris IS2000 with 32 HP Briggs Vanguard - both in 60". Thanks for past comments.
  6. greenology

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    Depends on how many obstacles you have to go around, you'd save anything from 5-15 mins, if lot of obstacles you'll see less difference in time, but if all wide open and can utilise the top speed then you'll save more time. Then if u find yourself slowing for bumps (as I do) then with a ferris you could expect a tad quicker than others due to not slowing for bumps. Are you able to demo each machine on your yard? I'm sure that will be all you need to make a final decision
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  7. farmmower

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    Dealer says I can demo so will see what he can do. Since I inherited the 757 on a residence purchase guess I'm anxious to get on with a new machine as I'll probably have it for next 10 years. I live in KC area and could sell the 757 as it's a good machine.
  8. Ridin' Green

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    That 757 is really all you need. Now, if you just want a new mower, that's understandable to me, believe me.;)

    You really won't save much time at all going from a 54" to a 60" deck. You'd need to go to a 66" or 72" to see much time savings. Unlike a lot of people, I am not interested in saving time at my own home since I love to mow.

    Just get a set of new OEM high lift blades (or G6's) for the 757 and have at it. Keep the money in your pocket.
  9. Choppin

    Choppin LawnSite Senior Member
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    Not enought time to justify the money... Unless you want a smooth mower... That being a ferris...
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  10. puppypaws

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    This is the truth in print, if you want a homeowner grade mower, and feel the need to save money, the 2000 is your mower. If you want a commercial grade machine that is definitely worth the money difference, the 3100 is a much higher class machine than the 2000.

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