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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by farmmower, May 4, 2013.

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    You don't need to believe anything on the internet, I can tell you for a fact what they told you is incorrect. I received a check for $300 for about 5 mins. work filling out the requested information on their website. I was sent the lawsuit information by mail, and not only were the engine manufacturers named in the class action, the mower manufacturers were as well. Evidently you've never bought a mower within their listed time-frame, if so you would have received the same information and would be somewhat more knowledgeable on the subject in question.

    The 32 Vanguard will feel as powerful as your Kawasaki, and I've compared them side by side in many different conditions.
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    Not a power issue unless you were bogging badly. It would happen with more power and a different machine too all else equal.

    Dull or worn blades incorrectly sharpened are most likely the culprit, but mowing too fast for the conditions will do the same thing. Only so much clippings can come out of the chute at one time, especially when you're moving too fast for the height of the grass and/or the conditions ie; wet/damp.

    It sounds as though you may just want an excuse to get a new mower. If so, I can sure appreciate that, believe me, but if you really want answers, try a set of new blades and/or slowing down in tall thick grass before forking over $10-$12K for a different machine. ZTR's are made for cutting and maintaining regularly cut grasses. They're not for bush hog type mowing/cutting, even though some do yeoman work in that capacity.
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    The ICD deck that is on the Ferris and the Snapper Pro's are amazing decks! ICD deck with the Ferris suspension with the vanguard engine.....Ferris hands down
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    The 2000Z with the 32hp Vanguard is awesome!!!! The ICD has a great cut. The suspension is great and the Vanguard is the best engine on the market. I have yet to perform a warranty claim on the Vangaurd since I started up with Ferris, and that was 5 years ago!!! :weightlifter:
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    That is amazing to never have a warranty claim on a particular name brand engine in 5 yrs. What would you say about the number of warranty claims on the Ferris mower itself, and is there a pattern of any particular problems with Ferris mowers that you've noticed?
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    I am getting a dealer demo next week of a Ferris 3100 with the 32 hp Vanguard big block. Dealer said a guy bought 2 and wanted the 36 hp Vang big block. I cut 5+ acres of grass and often pretty wet and want to trade up to a 60", comfortable ride, etc. For a few dollars more it seems to me I should get the 36 hp while I'm at it as they are available and I think the Vang big blocks have a good reputation. What are your opinions?
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    Wondering if the optional suspension seat is worth the extra $$s? Ferris has a good ride anyway and offer a decent seat. But this one is different from the stock IS 3100 seat and looking for input on the difference.
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    I've always been one to buy the highest hp option, I rather be with than without...
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    Agree Puppypaws. Have never regretted more HP in cars or equipment. Think the 36 HP would be better in the wet grass of eastern KS.
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    What's the extra cost for suspension seat?
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