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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by johnslandscaping, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. johnslandscaping

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    Hello, Our company has always ran exmark lazer as series ztr's. I was thinking obout switching to the hustler super z with xr-7 deck. Have any of you ran both of these mowers? and which do you think preform better?
  2. dnltractor

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    I recently was helping a friend w/ his lawn business and he has an 07 super z w/ the xr7 deck and the 28 efi kohler and the cut was awesome w/ the 60" deck we cut res. st aug and centipede and the cut was beautiful and then some of his comm had alot of bahai and wild grasses and it did a great job on that as well although the bahia was about 6 to 8 " tall when we cut it and you had to cut a little slower or it would leave a strip here and their but mind you that mower cuts at 15 mph in a flat level field on normal weekly growth and although I had to slow down somewhat , I was still rolling pretty good I'd say about 6 or 8 mph and didn't have to make second passes , I think their a good mower for the money , the controls aren't as tight as the scag's I run but I feel like the quality of the cut was better than my tiger cub w/ the advantage deck , I don't think you'll like it as much as an ex mark though JMHO but you can't go wrong with them as far as financing and out the door price , as long as you have a dealer close by for any parts or service , I say go for it
  3. Z-Man

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    I have the Super Z 60/31hp and love it. The Hustler is so smooth compared to the Lazer AS. The Lazer AS cut very well but I did not like the ride. It was too jerky. The only think with the Super Z is I do get grass build up under the deck. Fluid Film helps a lot as far as clean up. I am now trying graphite paint to see if it performs any better. All in all, the Super Z is a excellent machine!

  4. TLS

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    As a previous owner of both, I would say, go with a Hustler.

    Your going to drop a notch in cut quality, I believe the newer XR-7 decks are better than what I have, and I'm still able to leave my jobs looking great.

    If you get a 60", you'll have a wide array of 20.5" x 5/8" blades to choose from.

    The low center of gravity, speed, design, and many other things will impress you. There are a few little things, but overall, the good far outweigh the bad.

    The all new Lazer is coming out soon. So keep that in mind.
  5. TLS

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    Oh, make sure you get the new 31 Kawi.

    If you don't get the big Kawi, you could settle for the 28EFI Kohler.

    But don't go with any of the other engines. Just not enough power for hills or thick grass.

    MOHUSTLER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Hustler for sure. You cant beat Hustlers ride comfort or hill stability. Go with the 31 kaw.
  7. zeroturner

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    Hustler is a great mower. Much smoother hydraulics than the Exmark. I believe that you may get a better quality of cut on your northern grasses with the Exmark though. Demo the XR7 deck and see how it does for you.

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