exmark or scag?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Prestige Landscaping, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. ddixon7

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    If I had a Scag dealer close and they made 60" walkbehinds and walkbehinds I thought were equal to Exmark, I would switch. I absolutely can't stand my Exmark dealer. I love Exmark most of the year, but they actually cut the grass too good and when the grass is juicy this time of year, it will always clump even if you mow high and have a clean deck. There are just so many hangups in the deck. Otherwise, Exmark is great. In normal conditions, they throw the grass a mile. And that is the reason they clump. They are so channeled off in the deck to have suction power and throwing power, everything sticks and clumps together when the grass is juicy in the spring.
  2. GMLC

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    Its hard to beat Exmark's cut in dry ideal conditions. BUT as mentioned, in less than ideal or wet conditions expect clumping and double cutting. Both a huge negative in my book and a waste of time and money.

    If you want a great cut in almost all conditions consider Scag, JD and Gravely.
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  3. dathorpe

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    I think that statement about the great Exmark cut may have held true 10 years ago but today there is nothing superior about the Exmark cut in my opinion. It's a myth. Scags lay down some beautiful stripes in any situation and they do it without the Exmark baggage. And this is coming from a former Exmark / Toro guy.
  4. knox gsl

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    I used to think this as well but now that I have a Scag the only thing the Exmark does better is cut the clippings up finer. The Scag just throws out whole stems of grass, but will mow full stick (wide open) in thick wet Spring growth, not a chance on my Exmarks.
  5. RSK Property Maintenance

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    i started with a scag walkbehind in 2004 and sold that for tiger cub in 2005 and just sold that in june of 2012 for a scag cheetah, and i demoed an exmark 60" lazer z, some things i liked, so i didn't but cut nice, but the exmark feels bulky, as to the cheetah which is quick, responsive and nimble even though its a bigger machine. plus i'm 6'2 so i like the longer operators area of the scags. but the exmark cut nice on the dry day i demoed one. but im sticking with scag for life. i might demo an exmark walk behind and see how that does.
  6. cmills

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    We have a 1 of each, both diesels, the Scag has been much more reliable, much easier to service, cuts better when wet and to me is more comfortable. Although, I do like having a reserve on the fuel tank on the Exmark, I've been caught on the Scag a few times saying "I think I have enough".
  7. mowcrazy

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    Scag for sure. I came from years of running exmark WB's and Z's. Still have exmark 48's for ditching and steep hills but if scag would get off there rear ends and create a wb with good controls WITH THE VELOCITY DECK (not that thing they are about to bring out), I would have all orange mowers.

    I cant say enough about the scag velocity deck. By far and away more superior to the exmark decks. We have been getting a lot of rain lately and even though some think its dumb we cut in the rain if its not to bad and they cut fine if its weekly cuts. Not ideal but while most are sitting around waiting on the rain im making money. We only do this when rain absolutely makes us. We have 5 full days of mowing so sometimes we do what we have to do and if it weren't for scag we could NEVER DO IT. My old exmarks would clump when it wasn't wet, let alone in light rain...........

    Orange all the way, and for what its worth we have owned every model of the scag line. Turf tiger, cheetah (just sold with 19 hours on it because we didn't like it), v-ride (got rid of it to, just not for me), and OUR FAVORITE the tiger cats. I simply cannot give the tiger cats enough credit. They are simple as simple gets. they have plenty of power with 27 Koehler, have suspension seat, and the tried and true velocity deck....... Im all about simple and productive and the tiger cats are just that. Not to mention you can get new ones for around 8500 bucks.................. The deck is slightly out in front of you so easy to see trim side going around obstacles (unlike on the cheetah where deck is more tucked under the mower)....... I know that these mowers aren't the fastest things on the planet at 8mph but to get a superior cut we hardly ever run the sticks wide open. That was another problem with the cheetah. even in the low range, wide open on sticks still didn't cut well. The cheetah suspension platform is by far and way the most kick but suspension setup out there though so im not completely knocking it. I bought the cheetah and stuck it in the garage with our 5 other tiger cats. I noticed when my guys loaded up the mowers in the morning they still took the cats instead of the brand new cheetah. out of 5 of us we all agreed that unless a person has a LOT OF LARGE contracts, it just wasn't as good FOR US as the cats. Just out .02
  8. LifeBack Lawns

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    I only have a Tiger cat (Scag) for ZTR, but I would definitely choose the Scag! Next mower is a Turf Tiger ;)
  9. caseysmowing

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    I think you have your answer. If you don't yet here is one more for scag.
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  10. puppypaws

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    You've got one of the ultimate cutting machines. The only mower that will cut more grass per hour is a 35 hp, 72" Hustler HyperDrive Super Z. The only reason the Hustler is more productive is due to its faster cutting speed, the ride on the Hustler is also much better, allowing the extra speed to be utilized. Take my word, if you think the Scag cuts circles around the Exmark, pull into a large area with a HyperDrive Super Z and you will see it cut circles around the TT.

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