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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by delphied, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. delphied

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    I have seen a few lawns cut by Skag up here in Michigan this spring that look fantastic. Exmark is the mower of choice around here for a manicured lawn even according to the dealer who sells both. Ive poured over old threads about this and was hoping for more current info, specifically the Vride 61, since it is a bit cheaper. Are the clippings longer from the Skag? ive been using a Triton deck and you dont see many short clippings from that in the spring. Cant imagine much longer.
  2. 93Chevy

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    What is this "Skag" you speak of?
  3. baileylawnservice

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    I would buy a scag. Skag must be an off brand lol
  4. Landrus2

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    Two great machines can't go wrong with either one:waving:
  5. delphied

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    Yup , I already know Scag and Exmark are 2 great machines but thx for that spellcheck. This site is loaded with info. Where you at Tacoma, I need some real info. Ive been blowing clippings with a backpack blower for a month and want to know if Scags have the same problem? I dont bag. The Scag cuts Ive seen lately look good from the road but Ive always read they just dont groom a lawn like an Exmark.
  6. dathorpe

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    I own both machines. They both leave an excellent cut. If you've read through the archives on this board, the pros and cons of both are well documented. I prefer scag but If exmark came out with a new feature I was really interested in, I wouldn't be opposed to buying exmark again. The scag does leave longer clippings unless you run G5 or G6 blades. Those long clippings are why it doesn't clump in wet grass and that's why it can cut at a higher ground speed. The exmark does leave small clippings and that's also the reason it clumps in wet grass. Pick your poison. There is no perfect mower. However, these are both very good in my opinion.
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  7. Vecchio Lawn Care

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    John Deere is the best mower for not clumping. The 7 iron deck is flawless. After a season of mowing, if I got a coffee cup of stuck grass from under the deck it would be alot.
  8. CurbAppealKS

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    I find this hard to believe unless you are a homeowner. I have used the 7 iron deck extensively and while it is a great deck, there is no way you could get through a whole season without scraping your deck and only getting that much buildup.
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  9. Ridin' Green

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    I dunno......
    I used a 7 Iron II for an entire season and never had to scrape it even after cutting soaking wet grass. Never. The MOD deck I have now will get more build up due to all the baffles/places for crap to stick, but even it does remarkably well in the wet. I am always amazed when I get it home and go to clean it expecting a gallon bucket or more to come out and there's no where near that amount under it. They may not be perfect decks, but they do awfully well in any condition. IMO, they are a great compromise between the Exmark UC and the V+ from Scag. Wide open and discharge/clean out great like the V+, but the blades are closer to the front baffle than the V+ so the clippings aren't nearly as long coming out leaving a cleaner finish like the UC.
  10. CurbAppealKS

    CurbAppealKS LawnSite Senior Member
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    I know that it is a great deck, everyone will obviously have different results. Didnt mean to take this thread off topic.
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