exmark or toro or honda 21"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Jason Simmons, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. Jason Simmons

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    i thought if u put 50:1 fuel in there it would crack the block. Years ago i ran out of lawnboy fuel(32:1) but i had stihl fuel(50:1 with 93 octane) put it in and by the end of the day i cracked the block. Anyways when customers come out of the house i tell them im spraying for mesquitos and i wont charge them.
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    If you guys keep talking about those old 2-stoke lawnboy mowers I'll have to hunt a used one down and ditch my Areins 21SW and Toro SR4 neither of which I even use anymore....

    What models...?
    Self propelled or push only...?

    Tell me more...:waving:
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  3. Jason Simmons

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    Self propelled 3 speed, the local lawnboy mechanic would put a faster transmission if you wanted it , you couldn't keep up i think it went 4-6 mph. I ve cut a on the side of the mountain and flip the mower over and still held on the handle and the mower still stayed running. See two cycle engine are never starving for oil like a 4 stroke
    Go on YouTube and type lawnboy 2cycle , the best engine was a duraforce 6.5 hp
  4. ducnut

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    Can you positively say the mixture cracked the block?

    Running 50:1 is definitely leaner (higher combustion temps) than 32:1. However, I, also, run much higher quality of fuel with a higher octane rating. Maybe, it was detonating with the 93 octane. Maybe, the oil wasn't completely mixed in the fuel. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Who knows.

    I'm no 2-stroke expert. But, the old-school motorcycle shop I buy from has said he's never heard of or seen any problems running Klotz. A huge advantage, he and I both see, is the oil stays suspended in the fuel and readily mixes, even in sub-freezing temps. I've never seen that in an oil before. It's definitely a different product from normal oils.

    I don't run any Stihl oils. I buy the synthetic with each new HH, just to get the extended warranty. But, I just give it to friend of mine. Even mixed in AV100, it still runs much dirtier (smell and smoke) than Klotz 50:1. He notes the difference, too.

    I have a '89 10525 (magnesium) and a '02 10323 (steel). Both have the DuraForce 6.5HP engine and both are self-propelled. You definitely want a magnesium deck, as it's much stiffer. This is most noticeable, when pushing down on the handle, as the steel deck twists. These are my 3rd and 4th Lawn Boys. The first two (a late 70's model and an early 90's model) were both sold, during life changing events.

    As mentioned, they'll run in about any position. Mine has been upside down, numerous times, and it just keeps on running.

    Carb parts, OEM blades, and cables are still available. I'm not sure about other parts, though.
  5. Jason Simmons

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    I agree the magnesium decks are the best, when i find one i keep, In about 2005 i bought one brand new in a box, but it got stolen at a warehouse i was using. My buddy still got one brand new in a box. He already has about 5 lawnboys.

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