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exmark or toro


LawnSite Member
next year im going to get one of these ztr's in a 52 or 60 just wondering if anyone had any goods and bads about either. for the dixie chopper users i cant find a dealer around my area . it looks like toro is my best bet.


LawnSite Silver Member
dont know about the 52's but i have a toro z master with the 62inch deck and 25hp kohlor engine and it kicks ass! This machine is a exmark (made by exmark) with toros deck on it. The toro sfs deck is one the most superior decks in my apionion. This dECK can handle as high of grass as i have ever tried it on without any hesitation or lose of power. This deck has the ability to cut soaKIN WET GRASS even in the rain with zero clumping. test one out for yourself and im sure you wont hesitate to buy one... try to test it in the rain... it will show you exactly how great it cuts evern in the harshest mowing conditions.... wow... that sounded like a commercial ...lol :)