Exmark or walker?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by affprop, Mar 24, 2003.

  1. affprop

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    I need another mower, and I have been thinking of getting away from walkers, I paid 8900.00 for my last walker. I have not found out what a new walker would be this year. I just left the exmark dealer and a new Lazer 60 w/17hp kohler would be 8900.00. I know that a Walker would probably be at least 9500.00 or 10000.00 with ghs. No bagger on Exmark. I dont plan on bagging this year, I am going to mulch as much as possible. I still think I get more for my money with a Walker, What are your opinions? Thanks.
  2. MOW ED

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    It depends on how much use you get from the Walker. I have a Walker and I love it for bagging, spring/fall clean times but I don't bag during the mowing season either. The Walker is a workhorse for grooming and high maintenance lawns.
    I can also use an Exmark Lazer or a Hustler Super Z. I bought a 52SD for the Walker and that goes on in mid May until the leaves fly. The Walker isn't the fastest but it works for me. Weather or not I buy a Z will depend on how many new customers I get over last year.
    I will always own a Walker since the spring and fall are very high income producing times for me.
  3. walker-talker

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    If you are not going to bad, then I would probably go with the Lazer Z. The 52" SD deck with doubles works well. I use the GHS in spring (bermuda & zoysia scalping) and fall (leaf clean ups), then put on the SD deck for summer mowing. I have a Lazer Z on my list, but it's down a ways.

    Also, are you sure that is the correct engine size for a 60" deck, 17hp sounds a little small.

    Good luck
  4. landscaper3

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    Contact me as you are located in the same state as I and we own both types of mowers and could talk to you about your needs and wants. We have run and currently run 3 Walkers and Toro Z-Masters and each are 100% different and feel it could help.
    To contact me go to my web site for phone #
  5. HacMan91

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    We have both a 36" walker and a 52' exmark with mulch kit. The exmark cut 15 minutes off each yard. The Walker is only used in small gated back yards. The exmark is alot faster. You can cut a yard twice with the exmark before you can bag it one time with the walker. I just priced another exmark, same mower 52" $7100 and bagging system $1300. To me, more mower for the money and bigger and faster.
  6. Clay

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    Walker for bagging...

    Z for discharge... but you need a larger engine for true mulching...

    Better yet... Hustler Super Walk behind with ProSlide....

    Good luck, Clay
  7. paponte

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    I am a walker fan, but if you are not bagging I would go with the exmark. Reasons.. the lazer has more ground speed and will cut time off your houses. If you were bagging or had alot of cleanups I would say to go with the walker. :cool:
  8. gene gls

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    Check out a 60" Hustler Super Z with a Bac-Vac unit. The vac works very well, can be removed with out tools by one guy very easy.My guys want me to replace my Walkers with all Hustler.There is a need for each unit on most of my properties.

    If you buy a mid mount unit, get at least a 25 HP for a 60" deck.


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