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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fordlawn, Sep 15, 2000.

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    I am getting ready to purchase a new ztr and have narrowed my choices to an Exmark or Walker due to my perceptions of the machines and local dealer impressions. I currently have a JD 855,JD950 and a JD 245 and mow vacant acreage in 2 industrial parks,one idustrial client and one sports field complex at a local high school. I am branching out into residential accounts and need a ztr to handle these new properties. The residential properties will be 1/2 acre+ with moderate to steep slopes and some are heavily wooded(i've got three of these so far and the leaf problems are a real bear). I am looking at a 52-60" machine and would appreciate hearing from Exmark/Walker owners as to how their machines perform under these conditions. Any positives or negatives on either brand,engines,mulching capabilities,factory support,maintenance,prices,etc. Any information would be apreciated. Thanks
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    Jack go to search and type in walker then exmark you will find a lot of info on them there.
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    Jackd2-Ok some people don't care if you need to make a decision.But I will give you some honest advice.

    Since I have owned 3 Walkers and currently own 2 I will answer any questions you have.As far a engines go,Don't buy the 11hp I have one it is designed for homeowners.The 16hp can handle up to a 54'' and is a good engine.The 20hp kohler is the most popular and is a very good engine I know I own 1 it is close to 2 years old and has 700hrs on it with zero repairs.Don't buy the 16.5 diesel.We had problems with one,big time!I have no idea how the 21hp diesel preforms.The 24.5hp kabota is awsome!!!!!!You will pay alot more for it than a 20hp but they have a life of 4000hrs!!!!!the 25hp kohler had problems in the past like all 25hp kohlers,but i'm not sure if it has been fixed yet??The 26hp Kohler fuel injected engine is as far as I know a good engine.I have heard some good things about it.I have never used or asked much about the multching of walkers.That is 1 area where the Exmarks would be better.As far as factory support goes I don't think that there is any other brand out there that has better support than Walker.You can email company guys and they will get back to you in about a day or 2.For an email that is pretty good.They also have recalls as soon as they find a problem.All walkers use to have a spring that would close the rear catcher lid.It would slap shut very fast.They had a recall and replaced all of the springs for free.Now they all have struts.And if you call walker on the phone you will get awsome support!You can't beat it!As far a matinence goes it is very easy to mantain a walker just greese it up on a regular basis and change oils when it is needed.My 2 year old walker has 700hrs on it with zero repairs to date!Price.Well they are not cheap but neither is any commercial mower on the market!What really sets the walker apart from the other mowers is it has alot of attachments.8 mower choices,a snow blower,snow thrower,blade,leaf blower,slip bucket and there is more like the egder and so on!Also I think it is the single best clean-up mower on the market.Leaf cleanup is awsome!Same goes on the spring!I stick on a spring dethacher and my 42'' GHS deck and away you go!Very little raking!!!I also use mine for snow removal.Parts are reasonably priced.If you are doing both residential and commercial jobs walker would be a great choice.It can give a great cut do spring-fall cleanup and tackle large jobs.I hope this will help.Also if you do buy a walker get the speed up kit very cheap and will make you alot more money!Also buy a walker with the larger GHS blower.Feel free to email me at freshcut@mail.com if you have any walker or scag walkbehind questions!

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    do a search find lots of info, both are well build units
    ,out front decks have an advantage on resis's can get under bushes.and trees and sometimes swing sets and benches my walker is very adjile on any yard small yard out front deck
    with my walker i find to be riding a little more and string trimming a lot less.
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    what do you guys do with the clipping? Doesn't look like it would empty into bags very well. I was talking to a guy 2 days ago, he had to empty 4 times on this 1 yard (1 acre), but that seems to be alot of grass to handle on each yard.

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    Fireman-I have never used a 16hp with a 54'' deck but I have seen about 12 walkers set up that way in my area.So you may be right but.Maby those guys are just too cheap to buy a 20hp????I personally would not do it but I have seen it done alot.

    Bushmaster-I agree the outfront deck is a major PRO when you have alot of accounts with trees and so on.And you are right demo demo demo!

    65hoss-What do I do with all those clippings???Nothing!I don't bag!Only in the spring and fall do I do that.I use to but it was hard on the lawn.Our landfill has an area for clipping,leaves and so on they just compost it.As far as bagging goes I have a cheap and simple answer.I do work for a feed mill they have these big bags used to ship feed.They can hold 3 dumps are super strong and they are free!!!New they cost $100 each.They can hold up to 2000pds!!!!!There are other methods.But keep in mind no one would use a garbage bag to collect the clippings!They gennerally dump it in there trailer truck and so on.I think alot of people don't realize that walkers do more that collect clippings.I would say that only 1/2 of walkers are used that way.You can even but walkers cheaper without the GHS system.


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    I only bag from late fall to ealry spring or whenever the leaves disapear then I'll change decks and mulch the grass clippings. and if i have the ghs deck on and its a bog lot i'll just open the back door and scatter it, but only on feilds

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    For collecting leafs you won't find a finer mower than a Walker. Same goes for grass and thatch in the spring. If you have to collect then you have to have a Walker. Super mower and super company that gives a damn about what you think. Yes some improvments can be made but Walker likes to listen.

    I have a new 2000 26EFI with the 42" GHS and I love it. I would have gone with the diesel but economics dictate in my situation. So far so good with the fulie.

    For speed of cutting you won't be able to compare to an Exmark or a Chopper but your situation seems to point to Walker. I, as you may see have a biased opinion but my mower is paid for and I am making money off of it and I can't wait until ALL those leaves start falling. Dollars from Heaven.

    If you can go with a diesel, if not go with the 26EFI, never buy a 25. If you have to be economical buy a 20 but thats it as far as I'm concerned.

    My 26 went thru 12" of grass from under a trampoline that hasnt been mowed in about 15 days and the thing never skipped a beat.

    If you are doing production mowing a Walker can do it but the mid mount Z's are faster, if you are precision mowing and picking up stuff you won't beat Walker.
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    Don't forget about the new John Deere F680 ztrack outfront

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