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exmark price

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Can anyone give me a idea of what to set the price on a 1997 Exmark Metro w/14hp and a side bagger? No sulkie.
go condition and had new brakes last year. paint good shape.
what would be the average price?

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$500 .............1MajorTom
Originally posted by bastalker
$500 .............1MajorTom
yeahhh right
How close are you to CHICAGO

I might be interested in the mower
1500 not a penny less.
I'm going to sell it for $950. I have pics for anyone serious about it. I'm in the Grand Rapids, MIch area.
Also, I "may" be selling a 52" Metro with a track vac and sulkie
This unit is a 1999 and has very, very low hours. Not sure on a price for that one yet.
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