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Discussion in 'Alternative Fuel Forum' started by RPM90, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. RPM90

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    Ive been thinking a lot lately with the new going around about gas prices going up to $ 5.00 a gallon by summer 2012. So I've been really thinking on other ways to save money and stay ahead of my competition. I was wondering if any one has used either exmarks propane mower or their EFI mowers. I was wondering how you guys liked them and how they worked if they were just like gas mowers. Im going to talk to my dealer some time this week to maybe demo one.
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    My guess is propane is going to be more expensive to run, bu tI could be wrong. I would go for diesel, it will probably be more expensive then either gas or propane but contains I think 15% more energy then gas and burns much more efficiently
  3. jonathanone

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    I have given up on trying to find a small-48" or under- quality propane mower. Cub Cadet has one but unless you go for the large deck you get an EZT drive, crazy.

    As for the fuel, it does indeed burn much, much cleaner than corn gas with none of the KNOWN problems of e10 (seeing the inside of a high hour dedicated propane engine is enough to convince anyone about the virtues of the fuel) BUT people don't realize that propane really isn't a -green- fuel. Here in the Northeast the vast majority of the stuff is TRUCKED from the port of Albany (NY) so just how green can it be?

    All smoke and mirrors really-BUT more and more we are going to find that accounts WANT this -alternative- fuel, which is what started me on the failed quest to locate a brand.

    Forgot, would't one think that the propane companies would use converted propane engines to haul this super green fuel??, think about it-every tanker I see on the Pike is snorting out smoke on grades.......
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    CNG technology would be a better alternative. Propane still comes from oil. As always it's lack of infrastructure. "Build it and they will come".
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    Agreed, I really do have to find out the real differences between liquid/vapor propane withdrawal; anyone know? I have been told to look at it as though liquid withdrawal is the commercial way and vapor withdrawal is the homeowner way.....

    As for efi v propane, I would like to see an emissions study done-injection is alot cleaner than carbs but how much cleaner is a propane on mower than an injected gasser, and for that matter just where does diesel figure in when ALL (consumption, reduced energy to refine, lack of evap emissions, reduced co2, -everything) is said and done??
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