Exmark pump issues

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    Man it's been eons since I posted here. First off I'm no mechanic. I have a 04 exmark larzer with a 27 hp kohler.

    Problem---mowing my yard (thankfully not customer) major smoke under the seat then the control levers would not work. I checked and the belt was broken...replaced the belt started motor noticed smoke coming from left pump. Could anyone tell me the proper steps on replacing the pump? I can take it to the dealer but trying to save money.

    Also any input where I could buy an aftermarket pump?

    Answers will be appreciated
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    What I do is wash the area where ill be working so I don contaminate the hydro fluid while taking everything apart.
    Get some caps and plugs for hydro lines so you don't contaminate and lose fluid.
    Remove belt
    Remove hoses cap and plug hoses and pump
    Remove linkage
    Remove pulley
    Loosen two bolts that hold pump on and remove from frame.

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