Exmark Quest Review?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AntiWeed, May 3, 2007.

  1. AntiWeed

    AntiWeed LawnSite Member
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    Any opinions on this?

    How is the striping with it?
    Decent suspension (I have bumpy territory)
    Does it hold up
  2. itprotech

    itprotech LawnSite Member
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    Its an awesome mower. I will say that if you have any slopes that are over 15 degrees then be careful. The manual even states do not mow over 10 degrees I have found that the back end is either too light or the wheel base is not spread out enough still looking into that problem. I have purchased the 48 inch cut and if I do over a 15 degree incline then I have to go up it and down it, can't go sideways if you can see what I am saying. I would also suggest if you are going to mow over a foot of grass that the mower does great but if you constantly mow that high of grass then you may want to get some commercial blades or some gator blades because the blades will dull fast. FYI the 52inch models wheels are one inch wider and I am thinking about getting those wheels and tires and trying them out on my mower because for 150 dollar upgrade for just parts is just not too bad. I will also recommend that if you are going to do steep slopes go ahead an look at the lower end lazer Z with the roll over bar on it. It is a heavier machine and has a wider stance. Hope this helps you in your journey. If you do have high pitched slope then would suggest low end lazer Z with the ultra cut deck.

    PS - you have any questions about any lawn mower on the market let me know. I did so much research that its not funny.
  3. Lawn-Sharks

    Lawn-Sharks LawnSite Senior Member
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    I agree with you i had a 48"quest for a while and it was a great mower! but i was having traction problems and was considering getting a 4wheeler tires for it to try to help but never did also i ended up puting a set of gator blades on the o'l jewel what a differance in cut, i would say that exmark had labled it a resi model mower but i would disagree just look at the construction of the frame it a tough maching and i used it on all of my account resi & commerical with out ever having any break downs and it did great job and its as fast as my other mowers, so in my eyes it's just as good as any small ZTR out there and i regret selling it but i took on a lot of work with some good slopes and i need something that would stick better. But for all my accounts with tight spaces it was a great mower. EXMARK you shouldn't list it as a resi model just list it with the rest of you mowers and call it an economy commerical model???? just my thoughts!

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