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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hagen, Aug 21, 2002.

  1. hagen

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    I am about to have to buy a knew lawnmower and i was lookin at the exmark lazer i have been lookin at all the differnt brands and the exmark seems to be the most popular but i need a diseal mower and it seems like everbody with a exmark have gasoline motors i was wondering if the diseal motors on the exmark are any good or not because that is what i want but i thought maybe nobody has one for a reason.
  2. 65hoss

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    I would love to have a diesel one, but I can't justify it. They don't make those for the smaller decks.
  3. I would buy the diesel Lazer's if i didn't use the type of leaf vac's I use. I can't use them on the liquid colled Lazer's.

    But not much is lost using the gasoline air cooled Kohler engines.

    A little added maintenance and a little more fuel usage are the only things I can really be loosing.
  4. John Gamba

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    Try a Fuel injected Kohler On A Lazer. It's all I have and the Fuel Savings Is Good. It seams To Have Lot's of Power for the thick Stuff.
  5. Cutter1

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    I can't justify the expense of a diesel. I don't keep my equipment long enough, I try and turn equipment over every two years. THe diesels are nice, but you have to really run them to get your money's worth. I agree with the other guys, I like the fuel injected Kohler, a lot of power and good on gas.
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    Wow! I think that THAT is about the longest sentence I've ever saw on LS. To reply to this, if you are in the market to do general maintenance, (as you are if you are just starting out) then stay away from the diesels. These things are dogs. They are so heavy, that they are impracticle to run in many applications. Standard 1/2 acre lawns are one of them. I can cut circles around a diesel on lawns like this for the simple reason of quicker, more precise movement. Quicker in the acceleration, and quicker in the stopping at the end of a row. (without skidding or added stress to the turf.) Drive one for a while, then get on a model like the fuel injected. It feels like you're going from a Fleetwood to a Ferrari. The diesel, on the other hand is good if you know you're going to be mowing large wide open fields, such as industrial sites, OR if you're going to mow from here to California.

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    :blob3: Let me tell you that if you by the XP DIESEL you wont be sorry. I know that some people hear the price and get discouraged, dont its worth every penny. Its like when you go buy a truck, at the dealer you will pay more for the diesel than a gas truck. You pay more up front but in the long run that diesel is gonna out last that gas truck. Also the diesel is gonna be more fuel effiecent. I bought a 2002 Exmark XP DIESEL in march and let me tell you I am gonna replace all my gas lazers(5) with the XP DIESEL models gratually. I was a big fan of the Lazer EFI and I love that machine, but the XP DIESEL runs circles around my EFI's, no joke. That motor is awesome. That is what a commercial machine should be. I can run the XP DIESEL straight for 2 full days (10-12 hours each day) before I have to refuel. That to me is worth it. GREAT MACHINE>>>>>>>>>>>
  8. Navig8r

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    What type of vacs do you run?

    I'm thinkin' of getting an ultra-vac for my Z/HP, but I'd be interested in finding out about other options...........]

  9. Peco Vac.

    I find the pont motor better than a belt driven vac.

    Also dump from the seat.

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