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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Vibe Ray, Feb 3, 2001.

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    Aren't the new "no springs" seats supposed to be on the 2000 and later models of an exmark? Mower is 44" Lazer HP 19 Kawi. My dealer said it was a 2000, yet it has the older seat. Does this mean it is really a 1999 or is the newer seat only on the 2001's? How can you tell the year of an exmark? Is it written somewhere? The list price is $6,499. would the list price go down if it were a 1999 as opposed to a 2000?
    Another question is that he said the 44" Lazer Hp was too small to put the foot assist for the deck lift on. is this true? Can you not order one and put it on a 44" HP?
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    Vibe Ray

    If I remember correct when I was looking at them last year
    they just bolt on and the dealer told me that they didnt think it was necessary. But something you may want to think about would be the 52 inch deck. Your trimming ability is greater, or that is your back tires won't be in line with the edge of your deck and you can get closser to things as you turn. Makes less trimming.

    Just my thought.
  4. Randy Scott

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    I believe the seat you're talking about is the " full suspension " seat. It's standard on the EPS units and optional on all other mowers. My dealer gave the same info. on the foot assist, the bigger the deck gets the harder to lift manually, that's why they're on the 60" and 72". Go to their website and look it over for sure incase I'm wrong about something.
  5. Vibe Ray

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    Guess what guys? I just found out the answers to my questions on Exmark's website! Still wonderin' how much that new seat(not the suspension seat, but the "no springs" seat) is gonna go for (cost)....Anyone know?
    The "no springs" seat is standard on all 2001 models and the foot assist is only for full size Lazers. I just wanted it to lift deck for scalp prone areas without having to take my hands off the control levers.

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    Don't qoute me, but close to $400 or $500, I know it was a ridiculous amount because to get a regular 60" Lazer vs. a 60" EPS was not much more than the cost of the seat alone.
  7. Mike Felices

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    The standard seat usually sells for around $300.
  8. jaybee

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    This is what I don't understand about this seat. I've got a 27hp LC Lazer waiting for me at my dealer with the regular seat. The full suspension seat is $500 more. If the standard seat cost $300 you would think if you substituted the full suspension seat in it's place it would only be $200 more. Not the case. It's $500 more no matter what. Does this make sense?
  9. Mike Felices

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    That is just what I wanted to do with my dealer. Give him an extra $200 and he can put on the Suspension Seat for me and keep a brand new regular seat that he will be able to sell to some guy with an old Lazer that needs a new seat because the old one is torn to shreads. Instead my dealer said he'll put a Suspension Seat on for $500 and keep the standard seat for payment of installing the Suspension Seat. Yeah right! That or install the Suspension Seat yourself and if you do it wrong your warranty is void. They are gong to make money off of you any way that they can. I say get the mower with the standard seat, and use it for a month. If you are fine keep it, if not then buy the Suspension Seat, and install it yourself. Keep the regular seat and sell it to some guy who wants a new one for $200.
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