Exmark Radius S rear discharge performance


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Upstate NY
Hi all,
I'm about to drop some dimes on a new Exmark Radius S-Series. My question is about the performance of the rear discharge version of the 60". 95% of my mowing is 3+ acres wide-open lawn, but there are times I'd really like to be able to fit through a gate to a smaller section. The gate is exactly 66" wide which is the same as the S 60" RD. The SD is way past that (although I'm not sure of the specs I read are with the discharge shoot up or down). I'm willing to put up with occasional minor scuffing to squeeze it through the opening, and it being a section of lawn surrounding a pool I'd definitely like to contain the spray as much as possible.
One problem I have is there doesn't seem to be much online about how these perform. Nothing from Exmark's own YT channel specifically demo'ing RD, and my dealer says he's never even seen one, but he might be able to get one.

Anyone with experience care to comment on what, if any, cut quality compromise I'll be making? We're out in the country and most of the lawn does not require golf course quality.