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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by wacamaster, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. wacamaster

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    Ok..I got my exmark lazer about 3.5 years ago and have put 1700 hours on it. It is running weak (blades don't seem to be spinning as fast as they should... cut looks a little rough.. and I put brand new blades on every other week.).. has been for almost a year now but it's really showing now that the grass is growing like crazy.

    I have kept poor maintenience... not enough oil changes and was wondering if this was the sole cause. I have noticed it doesn't appear to be running at full throttle and when I push the throttle level on the engine it runs a little harder so I'm going to make that adjustment to make sure I'm opening it all the way up.

    Are there any other minor adjustments like that.. that could possible get this thing cutting good again? Just wanna make sure it's not something simple before I think about gettin a new engine or mower.. which brings up another question.

    If I were to buy a new engine for the mower.. do you think it would run like new.. like get as many rpms on the blades. Or would it be a tad weak due to possible wear on spindles and so forth. Just don't want to buy a new engine then still be dissapointed in performance.
  2. Runner

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    A brand new set of blades may not be what you need.....a brand new set of rings and lifters migh be. These motors (Kohler 25) can be rebuilt. We've done several of them and they run like new. They have to be done right, though.
  3. Roger

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    New blades? Don't your sharpen any of your blades? New blades are often not sharp when you buy them anyway. If they are sharpened, are you only changing them every other week? How many service hours between blade changes/sharpenings?

    You mention nothing about routine maintenance, other than oil changes. Are you changing/cleaning the air filter each week, or more often in dirty conditions? What about spark plug changes, fuel filter changes?

    If your routine to keep the air filter clean has not been done, maybe the engine is being starved for air.

    Help us out here. Give us a bit more information about the maintenance routine you have been doing, and perhaps somebody will have more suggestions. If maintenance has been badly lacking, especially oil changes, then maybe the 1,700 hours is all you can expect from the engine.
  4. wacamaster

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    from MI
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    I've always liked the cut of new blades better then sharpened blades. I feel once you get some wear on the end of the blade and sharpen it.. you lose meat and therefore decreases the length of the blade a tad.. which in turn will start to create that little shaded trail of slightly longer grass down your lines right between the blades. I even have a nice blade grinder.. but at $7 a blade.. throwin new ones on is very easy.

    The maintenance is basically nill. I did go 500 hours at one point without doing anything. I now change the oil more (every 150 hours or so)... and did clean the air filter. Haven't changed the plug or fuel filter.

    I didn't ever realize how bad my mower had gotten until I took it into the shop for a bad safety switch and they gave me a brand new loaner for the day and it RIPPED. Wanted to buy a new one that day.
  5. WildWest

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    I would check the spindle wear and the condition of the clutch too. After 1700 hrs, w/low maint., it's probably rebuild time.
  6. TLS

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    Check your rpm's. At 1700 hrs I'd go new.
  7. Daner

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    I would do a good service on that machine...spark plug air /fuel filters ...to start off.
    It won't cost to much to give that a try.
    It maybe just starven for fuel or air somthing simple.
    also you can check the spindels if there getting hot after running the ole gurl for a while...Good luck.
  8. DLCS

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    What he said.^

    I check my rpms often. A drop of more than 50 rpms gets my attention quickly. Get yourself a tiny tach first, then go from there. With 1700 hrs on the machine, I can almost guarantee thats at least part of your problem.
  9. wacamaster

    wacamaster LawnSite Member
    from MI
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    My clutch has been on the fritz for a long time. It always takes a couple seconds for it to kick in after I pull out the button. There was a period of about a year where I actually had to kick the spindle (left the covers off) with my foot after I had pulled the clutch to get the blades to kick in and start moving. I always thought the clutch was just to get em going.. could the bad clutch be a major problem? Also.. how would you test the rpms?
  10. Idealtim

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    Sounds like yur not a very technical person-no offence. Mabey it's time to take it to a dealer for a badly needed routine check up. telll them the simptoms, it might be usual with that machine and will tell you right away what the problem is.

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